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the world cup at our house. 0

I never updated about how Atticus’s soccer season went, and that is because it was bad. He did okay, for the most part, but he is stubborn and a little bit nervous around crowds. I think that even if he had had a coach who was good with his age group and who had shown […]

On changing your mind. 12

Photo by Katie Brady, shared under a Creative Commons license. I spent time last Tuesday evening explaining to several of my friends exactly why I have not been watching the World Cup. Soccer is boring, for one thing. They can play the whole game and end in a tie. I don’t understand the rules. The […]

It is totally okay for me to post this, because my mom sent it to me. 1

My mom really knows how to pick ’em – YouTube videos AND basketball teams.

The ball turns in the darkening air. 1

My brother has been taking some classes at UNC, so I called him on Tuesday to congratulate him. I knew he would be deeply excited about his team winning the National Championship. Can you sense my sarcasm? Because I’m laying it on pretty thick. It turns out that my instinct was correct: when I spoke […]

Did you fill out your brackets? 5

Even though it snowed a month ago, spring is now in the air. The sun is out and there is a cool breeze. It’s almost warm enough to try to come up with plans for having class outside. Remember college, when your professors would sometimes let you have class outside in the spring? I would […]

Work it harder make it better do it faster makes us stronger. 3

After months and months of lackluster running, I have suddenly turned a corner. Out of the blue, my endurance has improved and I have been able to run for longer around the neighborhood. I blame Jillian, that evil woman. I am about to say something incredibly stupid: Who would have thought that, you know, working […]

But at least I got to see Stephen Curry. 7

I don’t know if you have heard, but Davidson is kind of a big deal these days. Well, they are still in the Southern Conference with the rest of us peons, but they have this player? Maybe you have heard of him? Stephen Curry? Yeah, I thought so. So, here’s a confession. While I went […]

This poem is for my mother, who taught me to love basketball. 5

Women Watching Basketball by Marisa de los Santos For us, five writers, it’s partly to do with the language, little spells, hyphenated, elegant lingo, words swirling like whiskey in the mouth: pump-fake, post-up, two-guard, pick-and-roll. We are casual. Like Whitman–who’d have been a fan for sure, adoring and bearded, tossing his hat in the air […]

It turns out that my brother and I might actually be related after all. 3

Yesterday was Bright Sunday at my church. It was the first time we had ever celebrated Bright Sunday, which is the day (usually celebrated in Eastern Orthodox churches) when we dress in bright colors and celebrate with holy laughter the miracle of Christ rising from the dead. This website says that, “The custom was rooted […]

Your obligatory heartwarming sports story. 4

Like most of the country, I had no idea what was going on in the Men’s Division II Tournament, but my mom mentioned tonight that Barton (from Wilson, NC) won, and that the ending was kind of incredible. I pretty much had no idea what she was talking about (because, you know, I don’t have […]

Thoughts from Friday night’s games. 3

-Is it just us, or was CBS airing and commentating these games like no one was watching them? Could they have BEEN any more low key? -At this point, it’s a cliche to hate Billy Packer. But, you guys. I really really hate him. And he hates everyone. Everyone is wrong, he could do everything […]

Reunited, and it feels so good. 6

Just as the final minute of the ACC Championship game was ticking down, the delivery man rang the doorbell with our luggage. So Mike and I celebrated the victory by jumping around with our bag – the three of us are very happy to be reunited and to see Carolina win. Mike, who only started […]

On layering, football gods, and fur hats. 8

Yesterday we went to the N.C. State/Georgia Tech football game with Jeff and Adriene, Adriene’s parents, and my mom. We knew it was going to be cold – reports were saying scary numbers like “29.” (That’s a scary number to me, so I don’t want to hear anything about how it’s already snowed up north. […]

Lord Stanley’s Cup came to Greensboro. 4

And Mike and I were there.

THAT’S what I’m talking about! 6

I’m wearing red and black again today!

A letter of desperation. 7

Dear North Carolinians, This is a dire situation. We’ve only got one more chance to win the Stanley Cup, and we’ve blown two chances in a row. I am begging you, begging you to change whatever it is you’ve been doing. Have you been wearing a “lucky” shirt or hat? Please wear something else. Have […]

I said hello to this situation that never yields. 17

Every day on my way to work, I turn right at a stoplight. At this light, for whatever reason, I have a yield sign, so I am supposed to yield to the drivers approaching me who are turning left onto that same road. And, nearly every morning, I try to yield and am honked at […]

If I go crazy then will you still call me Superman? 10

Before the UNC/George Mason game, they showed the clip of George Mason’s coach saying, “Their fans think they’re Supermen. Our fans KNOW that we’re kryptonite.” I was like, “Haha, shut up.” And then, as Carolina played like crap, the announcers kept repeating it. Deliberately, I believe, to enrage me. However, while watching George Mason play […]

Just one picture. 5

The annual “I love this time of year” post. 7

Yesterday I realized I’m not really a bracket kind of girl. Last year Mike and I filled out brackets, just so we could talk smack to one another. We had a good time, but it didn’t mean a whole lot. This year I printed off brackets and we dutifully filled them out. But then, yesterday, […]