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good things in May. 1

This was the fastest school year on record. I mean, really. How is it June already? How are we on the cusp of summer vacation? Insanity. Here are May’s good things. May 1 – Updated version of Romeo and Juliet at school was fun and funny. May 2 – All the neighbors were out to […]

good things in april. 2

The only problem I have with keeping good things is that good things can’t always reflect the larger heart-changes that are going on. This was one of those months where years of reading and reflection and conversations started to gel. Do you keep track of good things? And what are you reading? Post them in […]

good things in March: saying thank you and waving 1

April is National Poetry Month. “Thanks” by W. S. Merwin Listen with the night falling we are saying thank you we are stopping on the bridges to bow from the railings we are running out of the glass rooms with our mouths full of food to look at the sky and say thank you we […]

good things in February and One Thousand Gifts 6

I am not a grateful person. For the past few years, I have written down good things. I sometimes miss weeks at a time, but the practice of writing them down has made it easier to remember what was good about each day. For that reason, I was interested to read One Thousand Gifts by […]

Good things in January 5

I cannot overstate how much more energy I suddenly have. That means one thing: good things are back! Did you write down good things this month? If so, link to them in the comments. As always, good things are better when they are shared. 1- My mom got Atticus a bubble machine for his birthday. […]

Good things in July. 1

All right, I’m going to try this again. I am feeling better: excited about school starting again. More hopeful. Did you keep track of good things for the month? Tell me about them. July 1 – We made it safely to the beach without much fussing from Atticus. July 2 – My mom arrived at […]

Good things in March. 8

March was quite a month, with me going back to work. The kids have been so sweet and my coworkers have been supportive and Mike packs my pump every morning and Atticus is sleeping through the night. So I can’t complain. But it was a long month. It was good to take note of the […]

Good things in February. 9

Today Atticus is two months old! February was, on the whole, much easier than January. When people say that things get easier around week six, they are not kidding. I have slowly been feeling better, too. If you wrote good things for this month, please share them in the comments! If you have taken the […]

Good things in January. 8

I have been trying to write down things for Atticus so he will know about his first year of life. (It is very convenient that his first year of life began on January 1.) So a lot of the “good things” are things I also remember for him. We only made dinner once for ourselves […]

Good things in December 2

That is the cake from our church baby shower. The wild rumpus has, indeed, begun. We have made it a week and Atticus is eating and pooping like a champ (or, in SNL style, LIKE A BOSS). I saw in my reader that lots of you already posted your good things. Hooray! I will try […]

Good things in November. 5

I started November with this picture of my belly, taken on Halloween. I wore that sweater again on Monday. Let’s just say that it doesn’t fit quite so well. Everyone at work kept saying, “You really popped over the holiday!” It wasn’t because I ate too much turkey, sadly. My boy is just getting so […]

Good things in October. 5

October flew by, did it not? It’s already time to post good things. If you kept a list for October, please post it in the comments. I enjoy reading what everyone else’s month was like. October 1 – Put a roast in the crockpot. Our house smelled fantastic when I got home from work. And […]

Good things in September. 5

Time once again for good things! Be sure to put a link to your own good things (or just list some good things) in the comments. So that our good things can be shared. September 1 – Wednesday night dinner at church and a lovely presentation by our wonderful youth group. September 2 – I […]

Good things in August. 6

August flew by, and it didn’t really feel like summer. I was having training the first week, and then school started the third week. But I am thankful to be back in our routine, or at least getting there. As always, post your own good things in the comments! Good things are exponentially better when […]

Good things in July 9

My summer is essentially over. I go back a week earlier this year, and I am currently in workshops. So my days of lounging by the pool are gone. I’m okay with that, though. It’s been a good summer, and I think there are some good things ahead. Be sure and post your good things […]

Good things in June. 6

I’ve got four or five drafts that have been percolating but just aren’t ready yet. The week got away from me, this last week of June. I was doing too much waiting and not enough living. Except for the part where we went to see Eclipse at midnight. Just because we could. You’re not really […]

Good things in May. 3

Don’t forget to post a link to your good things in the comments. I always enjoy reading everyone else’s lists. It makes our good things even better to share them. May 1 – Derby party and relaxing in our hammock. May 2 – I made several mix CDs that I was proud of. May 3 […]

Good things in April. 6

Happy May Day! Here are April’s good things. Be sure to post yours in the comments if you kept track of your good things this month. So that we can celebrate all the good we are taking the time to see. Also, my first Button Club task is completed, so go check that out this […]

Good things in March. 2

Sorry my good things are late! We were on vacation, and I had my other posts scheduled. But I needed to finish March’s good things before I could post them. So here they are. As we have been doing, post your link in the comments for our monthly celebration of good things! (Full disclosure: this […]

Good things in February. 10

Just like last month, please link your own good things in the comments! We will have another good things party! February 1 – Cleaned out all our old magazines. Filed the recipes and book reviews I wanted to save. Total dorky happiness about it, yes. February 2 – Best workday lunch ever. I would explain […]