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Grits are good for you. 10

When I was in Michigan last week, the company provided us with these buttons that they called flair. You know, flair. It was not ironic flair, but many of the freshly graduated teachers were probably too young to know why it should be ironic anyway. (I spent a whole week feeling pretty old. In the […]

Smoothies and shopping. 3

This week, our Button Club adventures included shopping from the farm and making smoothies. I have chronicled my farmer’s market adventures here many times, so none of that is really new information. But Mike and I did make smoothies before we went. And drank them out of our portable coffee cups. Our homemade smoothies had […]

Strawberry jam. 2

I spent a Saturday morning at my aunt’s house making strawberry jam. For me, part of the point of the Button Club project was to do things that my aunts and grandmother know how to do but that have passed me by. I have certainly seen jam made before, but I had never actually helped […]