dad is fat by jim gaffigan (guest review by mike).

imageWhen I requested Dad is Fat, I had some vague plan to read it on the sly where Mike wouldn’t see me. And then I could give it to him for Father’s Day! This plan was brilliant except for one thing: Mike always gets the mail. And, let’s be honest here, he loves to open mail, so when he sees things that he thinks might be books, he opens them before I get home. Instead of finding a package on the counter, I found the book on the counter. He looked at me sheepishly then accused me of not telling him not to open my mail. Do you guys see what I have to put up with?!

Since he was already totally excited about it, I let him read it first. There were tons of giggles from his end of the couch and his side of the bed, and when I asked him to read me the funny parts, he said, “Everything I’ve read is funny.” Here, in his own words (lightly edited by me for clarity), is Mike’s take on Dad is Fat:

If you like Jim Gaffigan, you will like this book. I like him because he finds the humor in some of the terrible parts of parenting like living in a two-bedroom apartment with five kids and because he tells stories that make his wife sound great. I had heard some of this beforehand his standup routine but still enjoyed reading those parts. My favorite stories were when he took all of his kids to the park alone and the trip to Disneyland. Everyone should buy this book because Jim Gaffigan needs to be able to afford a bigger apartment.

Takeaway: Don’t open other people’s mail even if they don’t ask you not to. And read this book. Or give it to your dad.

I got a free copy of this book from Blogging for Books but opinions here are our own.

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