library secrets: secret page twenty-nine

I am lucky to have had great people to teach me the tricks of the library trade. There are a lot of little things that librarians have to do that nobody else knows about, things that keep stuff running behind the scenes. Some of those things are more important than others – the state report that must be turned in every year, for example, or inventory. Both of those are more important than what I am about to tell you.

When I order books for the library, I get them with processing already done, meaning the spine label and the barcode are in place. But that doesn’t mean we don’t do anything in house, because we do. Either my trusty volunteer Vicki or I will stamp the books with the library name and address and write the barcode number on the inside cover. Inevitably Vicki will ask me to remind her about the secret page. “It’s secret page twenty-nine!” I say.

We stamp the books on secret page twenty-nine and write the barcode number so that even if the cover of the book was lost, I would know that it was mine.


Secret page twenty-nine is one of those things that is already drifting away with things like graphic novels (there is often no place to write the number without messing with the story) and will be completely gone when ebooks rule the land. I think it is my favorite of the library secrets because it’s my way of shepherding the books that are in my care, and because I learned it from other librarians (although not every library uses the same page). I am the only librarian in my building, so when I stamp secret page twenty-nine, I feel connected to the greater community of people who help connect the books with the readers again and again and again.

If you are a librarian, do you have a secret page?

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