the pause button.

(From last week. All we have here today is cold rain.)


There is a certain magic to a snow day in the south. We stare out the windows, we track the weather report, we watch and we wait. Even the adults get excited when the snow starts falling, an excitement that somehow manages to be both frenetic and quiet. Expectant. Hopeful. Listening.

The references about Southerners buying all the groceries at the slightest sign of snow are basically true. But here’s the secret: we are in on the joke. We buy all the groceries because snow days are rare enough that we want to stay home and enjoy them (and also we don’t really know how to drive in it). Plus, sledding requires sustenance, and we will sled the heck out of the tiniest amount of snow just in case it’s our only chance for the year.

It’s an unspoken agreement here: we will, as much as we can, press the pause button on our lives. Schools close and work dismisses early and that’s part of the magic, too, not just the snow itself but the reprieve that it brings. Snow is special enough to make things different here. I learned how do to snow days from my mom, and I hope Atticus learns the same from me.

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