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and our hopes such as they are. 0

Hey, it’s the end of January and it’s been pretty cold and I thought we might need a reminder that this is a new year full of promise. Even if it feels like it is just full of snow. — “To the New Year” by W. S. Merwin With what stillness at last you appear […]

saving my life: the solidarity of strangers. 8

I am not going to get into the miscalculations I made that caused me to have to carry my screaming child out of Target upside down on Wednesday. Let’s just say that I have learned the hard way: snow day excitement + hot chocolate + toy department at Target = horror show and humiliation for […]

reading the bible with my toddler: casting pearls before swine. 0

Verily, I say unto you, cast not your hotwheels on the floor lest your father trample them with his feet and turn around and tear you to pieces. –The Book of Atticus I’m afraid I’m not very good at playing, even with kids I like quite a lot, so I have worried that playing with […]

a poem for awards season. 1

“Acceptance Speech” by Lynn Powell The radio’s replaying last night’s winners and the gratitude of the glamorous, everyone thanking everybody for making everything so possible, until I want to shush the faucet, dry my hands, join in right here at the cluttered podium of the sink, and thank my mother for teaching me the true […]

let’s have an argument about movies (a review of cinematic states by gareth higgins). 1

A guy from Ireland with a love of movies moved to the United States (specifically to Durham, NC) and decided to document his project to learn about America by watching at least one movie for every state. This is the premise of Cinematic States by Gareth Higgins: he works his way through the states (and […]

saving my life. 0

We had a rather ornery morning in our house, so the things I had thought about posting seem a little false. Here are three things that have stayed with me this week that are saving my life instead. — We call facts like flight extraordinary because they violate ordinary facts like gravity. But ordinary facts […]

a story about singing to the stars. 1

When I was a little girl, I sang to the stars. I don’t remember the words or any particular tune, but I remember those cold night-time car rides when I tucked myself against the window so I could see the sky. I sang under my breath so that only the stars could hear me. One […]

trust and love / are crafts we practice / are wheels / we balance / our lives on 4

I have been reading Sister Citizen by Melissa Harris-Perry so I thought I would pick a poem by someone she’s featured on her show. Here’s one she quoted on her show back in December. “Podcast for Bicycles” by Nikki Giovanni I loved before I understood; Love is a skill I loved my Mother’s cool hands […]

saving my life: now I am three. 3

I’m afraid that I don’t often veer from the formula of vaguely talking about some difficulty we are experiencing with Atticus (read: stubbornness, always with the stubbornness) and then bringing it back around to how amazing he is. Part of that is a conscious choice to tell my story and not my child’s. I read […]

what I have been reading (winter break edition). 1

The Priority List by David Menasche (via Netgalley) The Priority List was described as a book about a teacher with terminal cancer who traveled to see his former students and find out what impact he’d had on their lives. Inspirational story about teachers? Sign me right on up! But there was a lot of background […]

in the cozy zone. 6

I am not exaggerating when I tell you that Mike is addicted to socks, especially wool socks. As soon as it gets below 60 degrees, he’s all, “I better wear wool socks so I don’t catch a chill!” Don’t even get me started on how he really believes that cold feet will make him get […]

epiphany 2014 1

winter trees. 2

“Winter Trees” by William Carlos Williams All the complicated details of the attiring and the disattiring are completed! A liquid moon moves gently among the long branches. Thus having prepared their buds against a sure winter the wise trees stand sleeping in the cold.

saving my life. 1

I get a double-whammy of nostalgia and hope on January 1st, because it’s not just a new calendar year, but it’s also a new year of Atticus’s life. I didn’t have much to say about 2013 as it faded away. It was a hard year for a lot of people in my life on many […]

books read 2013. 1

First, a bit of business: I had a piece at Art House America about library books that I forgot to tell you about because I have been so busy resting. We have been sticking close to home and reading lots of books and and playing trucks and eating leftovers and just generally lounging. Enforced coziness […]