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broken hallelujah. 1

Atticus was in the other room singing quietly to himself as he played with his trucks, and I heard him singsong something that sounded an awful lot like, “It’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah.” I couldn’t remember ever playing that song for him, but he (eventually) told us they play it sometimes at […]

sliding toward darkness. 0

This morning Atticus started crying when he saw me because I was in my bathrobe, already showered. “I wanted to see your pajamas!” he wailed. When I tried to soothe him and ask him why, he said, “Pajamas are better and I wanted to see them!” Eventually we realized that he was upset because it […]

what I have been reading (december edition) 0

A Stubborn Sweetness and Other Stories for the Christmas Season by Katherine Paterson (via Netgalley) Katherine Paterson is one of my life heroes so basically I was going to like this no matter what, but of course it is lovely. I got a copy of it several months ago but I just couldn’t read it […]

friday links. 0

Sometimes I just want to share awesome things I have read. I want to say that we’re going from silly to serious with these links but we all know that game night is really serious so let’s not pretend that it’s not. — “Fear of Michael Flatley and Loathing in Viva Los Gaygas” by Roger […]

the people who walked in darkness (a review of cracking up by kimberlee conway ireton). 1

The weeks and months after Atticus was born were particularly dark for me. It was a cold and icy winter for us and also I can see now that the hormones and the leaking fluids and the sleep deprivation left me in a bad place. I felt hopeless and anxious and I wasn’t sleeping. I […]

a place for each of us. 1

Each year, I pick out an ornament for Mike and he picks out one for me to represent the past year. This is the only gift that he and I exchange, so it’s kind of a Big Deal and both of us like to get it right. A few years ago, Mike and I started […]

heavenly glory. 5

A few years ago, I wrote part of an Advent devotional for us to use in our house. Inspired by the local play Beautiful Star, I wanted it to be like the ancient mystery plays, with Old Testament stories pointing all month to the birth of Jesus. As I read and researched and worked my […]