isn’t it ironic.

For a long time, Atticus’s favorite song was “I Will Wait” by Mumford and Sons. He played his guitar along with the video to the point that he would even say, “Red Rocks!” at the end. Over the summer, he became fond of “Little Ghost” by the White Stripes. Here we are being little ghosts.


But now he’s got a new favorite: “Hopeless Wanderer” by Mumford and Sons. I >wrote about that song before and how he would kick his legs when the guitars kicked in. But he definitely listened to it only under duress, usually protesting that he wanted “I Will Wait” instead. I listened to it more on my own, resting in its restlessness. I watched the video once when it came out, disappointed because of the whole thing being a bit of a joke and it’s a song that resonates with me so deeply. I like Mumford’s Mumfordness and I like that song and it was a bummer to see it all turned into a joke. Atticus saw it that once, too, and didn’t seem to think anything of it.

And then last week, he randomly asked me for the Mumford video, the one where they are in the field. It took a minute, but I realized that he meant “Hopeless Wanderer,” so I put it on for him, and then something like this happened. (It’s a slow build. Indulge me.)

We have had to talk a little bit about how they are just being silly and that the real Mumford would NEVER smash their instruments but he doesn’t care about whether it’s the “real” Mumford or need me to explain parody. He doesn’t need to be in on the joke. He just wants to play his guitar and dance. He delights in the fact that they are playing in a field! In a boat! In a barn! There are lights and banjos and dancing! They all rock out together!

You won’t find me saying that there’s anything particularly wrong with irony, but the sincerity of a two-year-old can be refreshing, too. He has no need for the wisdom of the world. He cares not about your meta commentary. He just wants to enjoy the music.

Also his dancing is delightful.

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