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salvation song. 1

Mike had jury duty on Monday. Let me pause here for a minute and say that I would be an excellent juror and I am not sure why I never get called for jury duty. Possibly it is because I am a little overeager. Pick me, pick me! I was obviously jealous of Mike, although […]

feminism and jesus. 0

Because it seems pertinent: I’m a feminist! Yay! I would like to tell you that I am a feminist because of Jesus. It’s probably true in some ways, but I prefer to say that I became a feminist because of my mother and my aunts and my grandmothers and the way they were Jesus to […]

on being a bell. 2

Atticus tells stories now, complicated narratives about his trucks that usually end AND THEN THEY CRASHED! I try to understand them, but they seem to make sense only in his head, at least from the details I can hear. They pulled on the rope! We are coming to save you! There goes the fire truck! […]

lucky thirteen. 4

When I was eleven or so, my dad bought a riding lawnmower and presented it to me. “This is why we had you, so I don’t have to mow the lawn.” In case you can’t tell, my dad ascribed to the Bill Cosby School of Parenting. Before remote controls he made us get up and […]

what I have been reading (mid-July edition) 1

Jesus: Uncovering the Life, Teachings, and Relevance of a Religious Revolutionary by Marcus Borg (from the public library) I read two books about Jesus by Marcus Borg in quick succession, and I liked both of them. In the end, I think I liked this one better, but I had the same problem getting into the […]

moral mondays. 0

I was raised in the church, so I know that my hope isn’t supposed to be in politics but in the will of God (though people never say that when their own party is in charge). But I confess that it is difficult to hold out hope for the future when the NY Times runs […]

the winding path (or, why I don’t want an accelerated faith). 6

Teacher meetings are full of words like gamification, personalized learning, remediation, and flipped classrooms, but we hardly ever take the time to think about what these words convey to ourselves or to others. Recently a coworker pointed out that we talk about students who are “accelerated” but that the problem with that word is that […]

these are the days. 5

(Exactly when did my kid get so big?) As for me and my house, we are devoted to the Miracle Blanket. Amen. When new parents ask what our must-have baby items are, Mike and I trip over each other to sing its praises and the praises of swaddling in general. Atticus was definitely a baby […]