saving my life.

“Dusting” by Marilyn Nelson

Thank you for these tiny
particles of ocean salt,
pearl-necklace viruses,
winged protozoans:
for the infinite,
intricate shapes
of submicroscopic
living things.

For algae spores
and fungus spores,
bonded by vital
mutual genetic cooperation,
spreading their
inseparable lives
from equator to pole.

My hand, my arm,
make sweeping circles.
Dust climbs the ladder of light.
For this infernal, endless chore,
for these eternal seeds of rain:
Thank you. For dust.

I made reference yesterday to the fact that Atticus and I had a rough month. Our equilibrium has been restored thanks to rest and medicine and trips to the zoo and time at the museum. Mostly because of the gift of presence. I love the work I do with the students and teachers at my school, but I am thankful for a week to simply be at home. Snuggles while reading, silly dancing, high-fiving the postman, counting giraffes, dyeing eggs. Showing up is a big part of making space for relationships to grow, and this week my only job was to show up. And that is what is saving my life this week. (Also a lot of naps.)

What is saving your life this week?

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