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always under one sky. 1

We head home: through the gloss of rain or weight of snow, or the plum blush of dusk, but always, always — home, always under one sky, our sky. And always one moon like a silent drum tapping on every rooftop and every window, of one country — all of us — facing the stars […]

every motion and joint of your body. 2

We have been trying this new thing where we take Atticus into church with us. It’s been successful as far as church services with a two-year-old go. He is suddenly able to sit with us and play quietly for part of the time, and he likes the music. Plus, he gets to take communion and […]

a poem for sunday. 0

“Happiness” by Jane Kenyon There’s just no accounting for happiness, or the way it turns up like a prodigal who comes back to the dust at your feet having squandered a fortune far away. And how can you not forgive? You make a feast in honor of what was lost, and take from its place […]

the higher arithmetic. 0

Kathleen Norris read this poem last summer at the Glen – David Dwyer was her husband and she wrote about his death in Acedia and Me. I think fans of Madeleine L’Engle will particularly like this poem. “The Higher Arithmetic” by David Dwyer In heaven, I do not know that there are angels, but I […]

the practice of the presence (of me). 3

“homage to my hips” by Lucille Clifton these hips are big hips. they need space to move around in. they don’t fit into little petty places. these hips are free hips. they don’t like to be held back. these hips have never been enslaved, they go where they want to go they do what they […]

dearly beloved. 1

“The Wedding in the Courthouse” by Kathleen Norris I don’t like weddings When you live here Long enough All the spindly legged girls Grow up like weeds To be mowed down: matrons At twenty-five, all edges taken off. When the music starts They’re led down the aisle In their white dresses And we celebrate sentiment […]

it’s okay to be afraid. 0

“Release” by Adelaide Crapsey With swift Great sweep of her Magnificent arm my pain Clanged back the doors that shut my soul From life. Fourteen years ago, Mike and I went, as usual, to a friend’s dorm room for our regularly scheduled Tuesday night TV watching. But instead of teenagers with big words and romantic […]

the peace of wild things. 3

I almost posted this poem on Friday, but I opted for William Carlos Williams instead. Today our pastor read it during his sermon, so it seems I should post it after all. “The Peace of Wild Things” by Wendell Berry When despair for the world grows in me and I wake in the night at […]

peace. 0

“Peace on Earth” by William Carlos Williams The Archer is wake! The Swan is flying! Gold against blue An Arrow is lying. There is hunting in heaven— Sleep safe till tomorrow. The Bears are abroad! The Eagle is screaming! Gold against blue Their eyes are gleaming! Sleep! Sleep safe till tomorrow. The Sisters lie With […]

to be alive. 0

I saved this poem for Poem in Your Pocket Day so I could tell you all about it, but the day was long and my time is short so I will have to save it for another day. This is the poem I carried today. The news in the world has been bad, and it […]

window. 0

A short poem today, because it is late and I am tired. Tomorrow is poem in your pocket day! Don’t forget to carry a poem with you to share. “Window” by Carl Sandburg Night from a railroad car window Is a great, dark, soft thing Broken across with slashes of light.

the long goodbye. 1

If stress reveals who we are, then I am a completely awkward middle school student. Difficult news renders me unable to move, words frozen on my tongue. After my dad died, I thought I had learned which things were helpful to say; in my head, I am a paragon of grace and kindness when called […]

it can console. 2

We are lucky to get two NPR stations, one from Chapel Hill and one from Winston-Salem. On the way home, one was reporting the terrible news from Boston and one was sharing poetry. I opted for the poetry. As the program said, “Can poetry end injustice? Perhaps not. But can it make us see it? […]

give praise. 0

“A List of Praises” by Anne Porter Give praise with psalms that tell the trees to sing, Give praise with Gospel choirs in storefront churches, Mad with the joy of the Sabbath, Give praise with the babble of infants, who wake with the sun, Give praise with children chanting their skip-rope rhymes, A poetry not […]

saturday haiku. 0

In lieu of a “real” poem, I offer you this haiku that I wrote to describe my Saturday evening. curly-headed boy how did he get so stubborn? oh, he’s just like me

now we are three. 3

“A Short Testament” by Anne Porter Whatever harm I may have done In all my life in all your wide creation creation If I cannot repair it I beg you to repair it, And then there are all the wounded The poor the deaf the lonely and the old Whom I have roughly dismissed As […]

this moment. 3

“This Moment” by Eavan Boland A neighbourhood. At dusk. Things are getting ready to happen out of sight. Stars and moths. And rinds slanting around fruit. But not yet. One tree is black. One window is yellow as butter. A woman leans down to catch a child who has run into her arms this moment. […]

spring song. 0

“spring song” by Lucille Clifton the green of Jesus is breaking the ground and the sweet smell of delicious Jesus is opening the house and the dance of Jesus music has hold of the air and the world is turning in the body of Jesus and the future is possible

restlessness wins out. 1

The past two days, Atticus and I have gone to the park. He climbs as high as he can and beams down at me. He slides down, more carefully than you would expect. He demands that I extinguish the life of any and all bugs that come near him. He throws dirt, sand, mulch. And […]

in love’s name. 0

“The Gift” by Louise Glück Lord. You may not recognize me speaking for someone else. I have a son. He is so little, so ignorant. He likes to stand at the screen door, calling oggie, oggie, entering language, and sometimes a dog will stop and come up the walk, perhaps accidentally. May he believe this […]