Monthly Archives: February 2013

the practice of forgiving yourself. 4

Last night Atticus took a bite of chicken and said, “Mmmmm!” I cackled because he sounded just like Mike. I see much more of Mike reflected in Atticus, which is, of course, a relief. Mike sometimes drives me crazy, and I am sure that having two of him will be a little much sometimes, but […]

saving my life. 1

I put Shrove Tuesday in my phone because I had ideas of making something nice for Atticus. I don’t particularly like pancakes but I like ritual and memories and bacon. In my mind, I was being gracious: It’s for Atticus. A holiday for children. But it turned out that the pancakes were pretty good. Atticus’s […]

belated bakeoff. 0

I broke with tradition this year and did not write about the Male Bakeoff that our church always has on Super Bowl Sunday. This is not because I was overcome by the awesomeness of Beyonce’s performance (though, to be honest, I was overcome by the awesomeness of Beyonce’s performance) but because I didn’t go this […]

how to save someone else’s life. 7

It seemed an inconsequential decision at the time: Well, we are going to visit some churches and that guy Frank, he was nice, so why don’t we visit his church? After the service, Frank and Patsy took us out to lunch and I have no idea whether I said the words I am not interested […]