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where you come from. 8

“It is very important to go home if you want your work to be whole. You don’t have to move in with your parents again and collect a weekly allowance, but you must claim where you come from and look deep into it. Come to honor and embrace it, or at the least, accept it.” […]

what we talk about when we talk about communion. 2

This year my student book clubs are at lunch. I know that some libraries don’t allow food, but I figure that they eat and drink (and who knows what else) around the books when they take them home, so it’s okay with me if they eat lunch in the library. I love reading with them, […]

parenting milestone: chicken noodle soup 5

In kindergarten, I was sick on the day that my class went to the circus, and I missed out on seeing the unicorn. (Or “unicorn” if you prefer.) I was absent so many days in first grade that I could have been retained. One year my extended family had to do a second holiday gathering […]

participating in the process. 2

Earlier in the week, one of my coworkers looked at my stomach and asked me if I was having another baby, so it should not be a shock to hear that I cleaned out about half of my closet yesterday. It was partly about only owning clothes that are flattering and partly because I had […]

saving my life. 1

On Wednesday, I got a series of text messages from Mike that amounted to OMG SNOW!!!!! I do not take these texts very seriously, as I am married to a person who checks the 15-day forecast for snow. I still don’t believe that the 15-day forecast is actually a thing. Our meteorologists barely know what […]

how I learned to stop worrying and love being beloved. 4

(Just kidding, I don’t have any idea how to do that.) On Sunday I saw in the bulletin that we would be giving one another a baptismal blessing, and I did a quick mental calculation of whether it would be possible for me to remain seated rather than going to the front to bless and […]

saving my life. 8

An empty room is silent. A room where people are not speaking or moving is quiet. Silence is a given, quiet a gift. Silence can’t be anything but silent. Quiet chooses to be silent. It holds its breath to listen. It waits and is still. “In returning and rest you shall be saved,” says God […]

how to get in shape: ten easy steps. 6

1. When your son asks what you are doing, tell him that you are going to exercise. Try not to get too upset when you realize he has no idea what that word means. Mentally calculate how long it’s been since you last exercised. Quickly abandon that advanced math. 2. Set your laptop up in […]

epiphany. 0

When I decided to have a (vaguely) Muppety party for Atticus, I thought it would be a good idea to put the words “Muppet party” into Pinterest. It was not a good idea. I wanted things like guaca-wokka-wokka-mole, but instead there were elaborate parties with details I could not hope to duplicate. It took a […]

Dear Atticus, on turning two. 3

In lieu of a post about what is saving my life this week, I give you this post commemorating Atticus’s second birthday. Dear Atticus, You are two years old! On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, I updated my friends with a play-by-play version of what was happening at the same time two years […]

books read 2012. 7

I started using Goodreads this year, mostly to keep track of what I read since I didn’t keep a list in 2011. Now I can’t figure out how to get the titles over here, so it turns out I am still going to have to type them anyway. Goodreads, I shake my fist at you! […]