advent iii: longing

I got pregnant with Atticus soon after we started “trying,” so most of what I know about expectant waiting came from the pregnancy itself. Other friends have different stories: I know gay and lesbian couples who have adopted or used surrogates or sperm donors. Many families have struggled through infertility. There are couples who have conceived and couples who have chosen to adopt and couples who are still waiting.

A baby was born this week to some friends who had been waiting for him for a long time. So many babies are loved and wanted, but this little guy might be the most longed-for baby I know. His parents were steady through a lot of years of disappointment, throwing parties and bringing meals for other families in spite of their own grief. I think of them and I know what grace looks like.

I saw a picture of his sweet new face and I was overcome with deep joy. We’ve been waiting for you, little one.

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