advent I: preparing

(Picture by Mark File.)

Does every mother believe that her child is exceptionally musical? My kid loves music. He dances around strumming his blue guitar and he requests certain songs and he pretends to sing into a microphone. On Sunday, we had an idea that we could maybe keep Atticus in the service with us for a few minutes to hear the piano, but before church even started it became clear that he would not be satisfied unless he was participating in the music.

As the congregation gathered, we let him bang on the piano for a few minutes. We laughed with friends and enjoyed the fact that he was sitting happily on the piano bench rather than tearing down the aisle. I will admit that I had some misgivings about whether we had picked the right time to let him show off his prodigious musical talents. It was not a quiet, reverent space in which to prepare your heart for worship, ten minutes before the service.

But I also know that the church that we belong to believes that we are not just readying ourselves for a service or waiting expectantly for the birth of Jesus. We are preparing a space for Atticus to grow into as a member of the family of God. It is our hope that jumping on the stage and running down the aisle and swinging on the playground and the fire trucks in his classroom are showing him what it means that the Word became flesh and moved into our neighborhood and church is another place we call home.

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