Monthly Archives: December 2012

saving my life. 2

When I was pregnant with Atticus, I attended a church service that featured a rambunctious young boy who was not particularly interested in being quiet. I was distracted by the noise, and I was troubled by my own frustrations. In utero, Atticus showed signs of being quite a lively boy himself. How could I parent […]

advent iv: change (again and one more time) 3

“Here we are again, Lord, over and over, again and one more time we come before you.” -quoted by Aaron Smith in Ragamuffin Prayers We read the same books each year, put up the same decorations and make the same food. We sing the same songs and tell the same stories. Every year, over and […]

our benediction. 2

At the end of each Sunday morning service, the acolyte snuffs out the candles on the altar, but not before lighting the wick on the candle-lighter to symbolically carry that light back out into the world. A reminder that we carry God’s light with us wherever we go. When we take Atticus anywhere, the question […]

advent iii: longing 0

I got pregnant with Atticus soon after we started “trying,” so most of what I know about expectant waiting came from the pregnancy itself. Other friends have different stories: I know gay and lesbian couples who have adopted or used surrogates or sperm donors. Many families have struggled through infertility. There are couples who have […]

fighting the darkness. 0

When I got home last night, I lit candles. The light shines in the darkness. The darkness did not overcome it. I got the Friday night pizza crust ready and poured myself a glass of wine. Rituals are the raw material from which we can build of our lives a mountain of memories, offering us […]

advent ii: waiting 0

I sit in the rocking chair and listen to Atticus whisper to himself about his toys and his blankets. On nights when I don’t have my phone to distract me, I take in every sound until his breathing finally slows. He names people he knows (Mama, Daddy, Grammy, Jesus, Obama). He sings songs. He rolls […]

specificity. 5

Sacredness requires specificity. The grand esoteric themes of theology have their place, but love takes root in those specific moments when we voluntarily and intentionally enter one another’s pain. “God so loved the world” makes sense when love has a name and is lying in the manger. The Incarnation (big theological concept) comes alive in […]

advent I: preparing 3

(Picture by Mark File.) Does every mother believe that her child is exceptionally musical? My kid loves music. He dances around strumming his blue guitar and he requests certain songs and he pretends to sing into a microphone. On Sunday, we had an idea that we could maybe keep Atticus in the service with us […]