the morning office.

The morning office. (Or, the liturgy to begin the school day.)

The Call to the Media Specialist
Can you look at this laptop?
Why is my computer not working?
I need help with my projector.
Is anyone signed up for the lab?

The Request for Presence
Teachers, please report to your duty stations.

The Call to Open the Door
Is it already 8:25?

A Common Saying
What’s for breakfast?

The Greeting
How are you this morning?

The Refrain
Good morning! Please walk on the right side. Good morning! Are you supposed to be wearing that? Good morning! Of course you can check out a book.

About That Breakfast
No, seriously, what is that?

The Cry of the Teachers
Are the buses late again?

The Morning Psalm
I pledge allegiance to the flag . . .

Further Thoughts on Breakfast
That does not look like food to me.

The Concluding Thoughts on Breakfast
If you’re not going to eat it, please don’t leave it on my desk. The trash can is over there.

The End of the Morning Rush
Here is the second book in the series.
Let me check this one in and you can check it out.
Hold on, I’ll write you a note.

The Benediction
Let’s make this . . . a great day!

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