saving my life.

I remember the summer there were thunderstorms every afternoon, the relief I felt when the dark clouds would roll in. As the rain poured on the metal roof of our mobile home, I would sit on my bed and read the Little House books as fast as I could. All too soon, the sun would reappear and my mom would shoo me back outside.

There was the summer Mike and I got married, the nervous excitement of watching it all come together. Dress fittings, friends coming into town, kitchen utensils, new love.

One summer, I spent two full weeks at the beach. We got up early to watch the sun rise. My friend and I walked so far down the beach that we had to call our parents to come and pick us up. Her dad played the guitar at night, laughed when I asked him to play my favorite song.

The summer I was pregnant with Atticus, I took naps at the pool in the lounge chairs. I ate goldfish crackers all day and ice cream every night and wondered how my life was going to change.

I remember the summer when my brother and I played Monopoly every day, an epic game that we resumed each morning until we finished. Neither of us likes to lose. Neither of us would make a deal. I remember the way he would stack up his money and the way I organized my cards, but, you know, I can’t remember who won in the end.

My summer memories are filled with 4th of July cookouts and long afternoons at the pool. Games of spades and poker that went long into the night. Playing MouseTrap and Clue and throwing the Frisbee a record number of times. Hopping on the rocks along the creek by our house. Afternoons spent taking turns on the rope swing. Strawberry picking and vegetable canning.

Summer means VBS and bike rides and beach trips. It means mowing the grass every Saturday and BLTs with fresh tomatoes and, of course, fireflies at night. I love fall sweaters and Christmas and the way the world unfolds in spring. But summer is my favorite.

Today is the last day of our summer vacation, which is always a melancholy time for me. I love my job, but I also really like lounging. I will miss these lazy days we have had as a family. These summer memories are what is saving my life this week and I will carry them in my pocket when we start work again on Monday.

What is saving your life this week? And what is your favorite summer memory?

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