saving my life.


I tuck in tight during the winter, folded in on myself. We are busy and I hate the cold. In the summer, our rhythms slow. Other people are busy with trips and camps, but our conversations are like this: What are we going to do today? Maybe go to the pool? Sure. There is time for things we eschew during the school year, time to let our hearts unfold like flowers turning to the sun. We have long lunches and play dates and catch up with neighbors at the pool. We force friends to watch our favorite movies and laugh together at the fashions and the predictability of the plots. And then we cry when it turns out that the reason we love them is that they are pretty great after all.

I recognize the opening of my heart as something precious. I would call it hospitality, and I will confess that I talk so much about it because it is not my gift. I am thankful for the open-hearted people around me who bring me into summer mode each year, who welcome themselves into my house and draw me out into the world. It is not possible to live our summer rhythms all year, but I will try to carry this hospitality with me through October testing and January testing and April testing and May testing (we do a lot of testing).

This week, hospitality is saving my life (as well as movies from the 80s and 90s). What is saving your life this week?

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