saving my life.

This is what love does. It does not make itself visible but, like light, makes others visible to us. In a very precise sense, then, love’s presence cannot be described as existing, but rather is that which calls others into existence; for to exist literally means to stand forth from the background, to be brought forth. As we have mentioned, love does not stand forth and vie for our attention but rather brings others forth. When we love, our beloved is brought out of the vast, undulating sea of others. Just as the Torah speaks of God calling forth beings from the formless ferment of being so love calls our beloved from the endless ocean of undifferentiated objects.

In this way love is not proud and arrogant. It does not say, “I am sublime, I am beautiful, I am glorious”. Love humbly points to others and whispers, “They are sublime, they are beautiful, they are glorious.”

Love does not seek out our hymns of praise or prayers of adoration. Love does not want our sacrifices or seek our time. For love always points toward another. To honor love is to be in love, to swim in the world illuminated by love. –Peter Rollins, Insurrection

A couple of months ago, Brandi and I were talking about theology and parenting (as you do) and part of the conversation was about how our kids have changed our lives. I know, that sounds like the most mundane thing ever when I say it like that, You mean having a kid has changed your life? You are a genius. Tell me more of your deep deep thoughts.

I was prepared in many ways to have a baby. I did not think it was going to be very fun (and, indeed, many of those baby things were not very fun for me at all). But it was difficult in very different ways than I had expected. These toddler days are difficult as Atticus exerts his will. But, and I know I say this all the time, they are fun. He laughs when I chase him around the house, when we sing silly songs, and when we dance. He pulls me to the floor to sit in my lap, and he pushes me around on his plastic car.

On the deck

And sometimes he holds my face in his hands or buries his head in my legs and I think I know what Pete Rollins is talking about. Atticus makes me feel special just because he loves me. I was not a natural at this parenting thing, but his love is pulling me through and making me stronger, making me brave. I feel called forth by this new love, both the love I have for him and the love he has for me. Being a parent is changing me. I make different choices because they come from a new place inside of me.

And so of course love is what is saving my life this week. Love is always a game-changer.

What is saving your life this week?

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