good things in april.

The only problem I have with keeping good things is that good things can’t always reflect the larger heart-changes that are going on. This was one of those months where years of reading and reflection and conversations started to gel. Do you keep track of good things? And what are you reading? Post them in the comments.

1 – Easter egg hunt after church.
2 – Our eight-year-old neighbor is so sweet with Atticus.
3 – A couple of stressful days at work end with good news.
4 – Had an especially fun evening with Atticus on the deck.
5 – I got excellent news about a student I am rooting for.
6 – Impromptu outing with Alisa.
7 – Atticus’s first plane ride is a success; I get the best pedicure I have ever had.
8 – Brunch at the yacht club is delicious and I made good choices so I didn’t feel guilty.
9 – Shopping is a major success.
10 – Delicious seafood for dinner.
11 – Atticus slept from liftoff to touchdown on the flight home. Couldn’t have been better.
12 – Labyrinth walk.
13 – Atticus and I went and had lunch with my mom.
14 – Baby shower for my oldest friend.
15 – Bright Sunday at church, and my boys dressed in matching clothes. Adorable.
16 – Excellent email discussion with my friend Brandi.
17 – I never have good doctor’s appointments. Today’s actually went well.
18 – Fantastic discussion about the end of Speak that makes me feel amazing about my job.
19 – Sometimes I am in a meeting and I text the people across the room, just like the kids.
20 – Friday night pizza and Parks and Rec.
21 – BRING IT ON: THE MUSICAL was amazing. I loved every minute.
22 – Mike and I talked about some things from our history we’ve never discussed before.
23 – My mom took care of Atticus even though I was home sick. I took two naps.
24 – Atticus and I had a nice day, even though I was home sick. I sadly got no naps.
25 – Movie and pizza with my girls’ book club.
26 – Eighty-three poems!27 – Worked on some writing for a workshop I am attending. Mike is so supportive.
28 – Atticus’s BFF came over for lunch.
29 – Nice walk with Atticus and our eight-year-old neighbor.
30 – Really nice conversation with my brother.

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