Monthly Archives: May 2012

in the doing. 6

I could sing the praises of the wild, untamed grace I have experienced. Kind words at just the right time. Forgiveness, given and received. The ability to grow and change. The beauty of common graces, if I will only have eyes to see them. But sometimes I think we talk about grace so much that […]

saving my life. 5

Some weeks there’s something big that’s saving my life. But some weeks it’s just the joy of the ordinary. Here’s a list of everyday things that are getting me through the last weeks of school. Saving my life: words. Atticus has just learned to repeat, “I love you.” I was going to write a whole […]

tender. 4

In my mind, they hear my patient tone and see my love of reading. But reality is more complicated, and they don’t just see the things I like about myself, the things I want them to see. The girls ask why I am drinking Diet Coke and the boys ask why I am eating salad […]

through a glass, darkly. 6

Yesterday, Atticus saw a teeny tiny plane on the spine of our phone book. He ripped it off the shelf, chanting “aih-pane, aih-pane, aih-pane.” To his grave disappointment, there were no airplanes in the book. He was inconsolable. I tried to find some airplanes in the yellow pages, but the small pictures there did not […]

saving my life. 1

Last October, Mike and I took Atticus on an art crawl in a local neighborhood. He cared more about the neighborhood dogs than the pottery, but he smiled as I carried him in the Ergo, and someone gave me a small glass of wine, and we had beautiful fall weather, and he was wearing the […]

if your soul is to be saved. 4

Whenever you find tears in your eyes, especially unexpected tears, it is well to pay the closest attention. They are not only telling you something about the secret of who you are, but more often than not God is speaking to you through them of the mystery of where you have come from and is […]

saving my life. 4

We call it communion. Most Sundays, we stand in a circle and pass the bread and cup around. The body of Christ. The cup of forgiveness. It goes from hand to hand. It’s funny when she has trouble pulling off a piece of bread, or when he forgets what to say. The symbols are sacred […]

for my wild thing. 10

For Atticus, because Maurice Sendak died. Dear Atticus, We adults remember details from childhood: the late afternoon sun slanting through the windows, summer twilight in the yard, measuring the snow with a yardstick. We forget, sometimes, how scary childhood can be. Even if you feel safe in the home your dad and I have created, […]

good things in april. 2

The only problem I have with keeping good things is that good things can’t always reflect the larger heart-changes that are going on. This was one of those months where years of reading and reflection and conversations started to gel. Do you keep track of good things? And what are you reading? Post them in […]