Every day, Atticus would stand in front of the tree and we would count down 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 and turn it on. His smile was as bright as the lights.

I am not exactly sure when our tree was taken down last year. Our tradition has been to take it down on New Year’s Day, but we were somewhat busy that day. I vaguely recall a meltdown at some point. It’s all still up and we are never going to get it down and how can we manage everything and I am so tired. So Mike took it down for us.

This year, putting up the tree was relatively easy because Atticus was just barely walking. Taking it down, though, was a whole different ball game. Again, I watched Atticus while Mike did the hard work. Does that make it a new tradition?

For the first time, we intentionally took the tree down after Epiphany. I don’t know if that’s what we will do in the future or not. I love the idea, but I also like putting Christmas away with the old year and moving on to the new. This year, we turned on our Christmas lights every night of Christmastide, though everyone else’s trees were already at the curb. It felt right to me, a coda to the season. Our small lights, shining into the darkness. Reminding us of the arrival of the light of the world.

Do you leave your tree up until Epiphany? How do you celebrate Epiphany with your family?

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