Monthly Archives: January 2012

Still by Lauren Winner and some thoughts on the middle. 4

Atticus has been sick constantly over the past month, fighting ear and sinus infections. I am not the first to note the desperation that comes with being the parent of a sick child, when you have tried everything you can do and still he cries out with pain and discomfort. It was on one of […]

margins. 2

I see people talking about margin a lot these days. Leave margin in life so you have room to breathe. Scribble in life’s metaphorical margins. Be mindful of the people in the margins. Do you remember being in middle school? It was awful for everybody. So awful that burly men look at me with respect, […]

epiphany. 2

Every day, Atticus would stand in front of the tree and we would count down 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 and turn it on. His smile was as bright as the lights. I am not exactly sure when our tree was taken down last year. Our tradition has been to take […]

on life being over. 5

Another one of those things that “everybody says” is that when your baby learns to walk, it’s all over. I am sure it will surprise no one to find out that I find this a gross oversimplification. For one thing, if it’s “over” when your baby can get into things, then we were out of […]

happy new year! 4

“Only a night from old to new! Never a night such changes brought.” –Helen Hunt Jackson Baby New Year wishes you a happy 2012!