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Dear Atticus, a love letter 10

Dear Atticus, One thing that made me hesitate about having children is that I know people who don’t seem to like their own. They take no apparent pleasure in spending time with their kids or focusing on their kids’ interests. They roll their eyes at their children and don’t seem to engage them very much. […]

Dear Atticus, on emotional space 2

Dear Atticus, Virginia Woolf famously said that a woman must have money and a room of one’s own if she is to write fiction. I don’t know anything about writing fiction, but I believe that men and women need those things in order to be people. And my own experience is that resources and physical […]

Dear Atticus, first steps 9

Dear Atticus, A few weeks ago, one of your classmates took her first steps! Your teachers called her Mom excitedly. Mom excitedly called Dad. And Dad said, “That’s nice.” This was not a sufficient response for Mom. However, a little while later, as Mom watched on the video camera, Dad showed up and tried to […]

Dear Atticus, the light of the world 6

I have a friend who says that Advent is his favorite season. Why? I think because Advent is a time of exquisite balance between the sadness of the mess we live in, and the bliss of the world we would like to live in. Advent is when we acknowledge that bliss is not the blotting […]

Dear Atticus, on change 2

Mike contributed this letter. — Dear Atticus, Early in April I took you to meet a friend and she asked me how I had changed since you arrived. What had I come to appreciate more about life? She didn’t mean for me to share “how precious sleep” was to me. It was intended for me […]

Dear Atticus, Black Friday 0

Dear Atticus, Every year on Black Friday, your dad cranks up the Christmas music and gets the boxes down from the attic, and we let the decorating begin. We put up our tree and make our own turkey (and four or five side dishes). (Your dad likes the leftovers.) In the past, it has been […]

Dear Atticus, on gratitude 2

Dear Atticus, Before I get into all of this, I need to make sure you know that I am not known for optimism. Every word of this is hard-earned, and I mean it down to my toes. There is a perpetual discussion about whether it is possible for women to have it all. I pay […]

Dear Atticus, on celebrating 2

Dear Atticus, This is the week of Thanksgiving, which might just be my favorite holiday. For one thing, any holiday that is centered around food is okay by me. Thanksgiving has the additional edge of also being about family (I like mine) and gratitude (I am for it). This focus on gratitude makes people kind […]

Dear Atticus, the power of music 1

Dear Atticus, At dinnertime last night, you looked like this. You were tickled about something and kept laughing at yourself, which made us laugh. Around and around for about ten minutes. We knew at the time that you were tired, which was making you silly. And, boy, did we pay for you being tired about […]

Dear Atticus, rough seas 1

At Grammy’s house this weekend. — Dear Atticus, You stayed Saturday night at Grammy’s house so that your dad and I could go to see Josh Ritter at a show in Charlotte. We had a marvelous dinner and the music did not disappoint. Not that I expected it would–Josh Ritter is one of my favorites. […]

Dear Atticus, four things that have fascinated you this year 0

Dear Atticus, It already feels as if you have been here longer than a year. There are so many things throughout our house that have memories of you. Here are four that you have loved especially this year. — In February and March, you would wake up in the morning and your dad would put […]

Dear Atticus – On Striving 4

Geof is doing his own letter-writing project for NaBloPoMo and I roped him into writing one for Atticus. He has had a difficult year. Here are some of the things he’s learned. — Dear Atticus, It is my sincere hope that we will have made acquaintances by the time that you are old enough to […]

Dear Atticus, on trusting 1

Yesterday’s thoughts on Atticus’s dedication led me here. Dear Atticus, My friend Brandy and I have talked about how we feel compelled to wrap up life’s stories in a nice little bow. My tendency to do this has a lot to do with the inspirational fiction and non-fiction that I read when I was younger. […]

Dear Atticus, keeping our promises 0

Dear Atticus, I already wrote about your dedication, but there are some things I didn’t say in that post, because it was focused on my own experiences and on the spiritual aspects. I didn’t tell you much about the day itself. I have loved every baby dedication at our church, but I hope I will […]

Dear Atticus, bumps and bruises 6

Dear Atticus, I wanted to take this week to focus on a few memories of the past year: that kick that meant so much to me, the way all those UNC fans smiled at me when I was nursing you. But I’m going to interrupt the flow of memories to tell you about something that […]

Dear Atticus, on humility 5

A large portion of my relationship with Atticus this first year has been consumed with breastfeeding, so I hope you will forgive me if I say a few more things about that. Dear Atticus, During my maternity leave, a lot of people asked things like, “Don’t you just want to sit and hold him all […]

Dear Atticus, that kick 4

Dear Atticus, At work, I am able to go with the flow fairly well, but the truth is that I need some time to absorb change. I didn’t feel deeply connected to you right away, and I struggled with that. At the time, I thought there was something wrong with me, but it is easier […]

Dear Atticus, your wild and precious life 5

“The Summer Day” by Mary Oliver Who made the world? Who made the swan, and the black bear? Who made the grasshopper? This grasshopper, I mean- the one who has flung herself out of the grass, the one who is eating sugar out of my hand, who is moving her jaws back and forth instead […]

Dear Atticus, on making memories 0

Dear Atticus, We are at the beach this weekend. This house is one of my favorite places, and I was excited to bring you here over the summer. You decided to celebrate our week of vacation by refusing to sleep. We thought you were teething, but your teeth didn’t appear for a couple more months. […]

Dear Atticus, your school 0

Dear Atticus, I had a negative view of daycare. I felt sorry for kids who had to go there rather than staying home with their moms, like I got to do. I don’t know what I thought happened there, but it was a bad old place. I was, of course, totally wrong. Your school is […]