Monthly Archives: August 2011

learning to say yes. 11

In college, thrilled to be involved in campus ministry, I said yes to a lot of things and spent a lot of nights per week being busy. Bible studies plus working plus, you know, college and homework. I learned a lot of things about planning events and friendship. But mostly what I learned was how […]

Good things in July. 1

All right, I’m going to try this again. I am feeling better: excited about school starting again. More hopeful. Did you keep track of good things for the month? Tell me about them. July 1 – We made it safely to the beach without much fussing from Atticus. July 2 – My mom arrived at […]

your baby. 12

I slipped out of the sanctuary and into the hallway. As I moved closer to the nursery, I saw, through the window, Atticus. In the arms of the nursery worker, who was doing her best to comfort him despite the fact that he was beside himself with frustration and fatigue. I could not remember the […]