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adventures in intentional parenting: books for the first six months 14

A few weeks ago, my friend Brandi said something about how Mike and I are trying to be intentional with our parenting. The phrase has been knocking around in my head ever since. I like it. It’s way better than saying that I overthink everything, and it’s a topic that I would like to revisit […]

in dependence upon God’s grace and with the help of the church. 2

Mighty God, by your love we are given children through the miracle of birth. We give you thanks for them. May we greet each new son and daughter with joy, and surround them with all faith, so they may know who you are and want to be your disciples. Never let us neglect children, but […]

eleven. 9

One of the memoirs I read last week was by Ian Morgan Cron, called Jesus, My Father, the CIA, and Me. I read it because Don Chaffer said that he is friends with Ian Cron, and that is a pretty good recommendation. I read it because it’s going to be a Discover Great New Writers […]

truth and reflection and memoir. 2

A little over a year ago, when I was still just secretly pregnant, I wrote my credo statement for church, inspired by the New York Times article about a father and daughter who read together for over 3,000 nights in a row. I must admit that part of what inspired me about the story was […]