Good things in March.

March was quite a month, with me going back to work. The kids have been so sweet and my coworkers have been supportive and Mike packs my pump every morning and Atticus is sleeping through the night. So I can’t complain. But it was a long month. It was good to take note of the good things. If you made a list of good things, please post it in the comments!


March 1 – Visited Alisa at work.
March 2 – Had lunch with a new friend.
March 3 – I hung out at Mike’s school basically all day. The noise level made Atticus sleep. So he wasn’t cranky in the late afternoon. Hooray!
March 4 – Two good naps for Atticus and a nice walk in the afternoon.
March 5 – UNC beat Duke!
March 6 – Did nothing in anticipation of having to go back to work soon. NOTHING.
March 7 – Met with the nannies and they alleviated my fears about Atticus’s care after I go back to work. Also, milkshakes.
March 8 – Sherlock on DVD.
March 9 – Visited my school and got excited about going back to work.
March 10 – This was a hard day but Mike was very sweet to me.
March 11 – Went with Mom and Atticus to the ACC Tournament. Atticus got to see his first buzzer-beater (he was asleep, but whatever). Watched a very special video with Andrea and Alisa.
March 12 – Pedicures and girl time (aka basketball watching) with Andrea and Alisa.
March 13 – Walk in the neighborhood, beautiful weather.
March 14 – My first day back at work. Flowers and hugs. And dinner by my mom.
March 15 – My friend Jean made dinner for us.
March 16 – Tonight’s dinner? Provided by my aunt. Are you sensing a theme?
March 17 – Tons of my friends posted my favorite YouTube video.
March 18 – I love days filled with basketball. Even though I had to go to bed early.
March 19 – Sat on the couch all day in my yoga pants and watched basketball.
March 20 – See March 19. More of the same.
March 21 – Made a donation to NPR for the first time ever.
March 22 – I had a rough day, but then Atticus slept through the night!
March 23 – Atticus slept through the night again!
March 24 – And again!
March 25 – Casual Friday! Also a half day!
March 26 – Tea with Alisa at a place we hadn’t tried before.
March 27 – Watched some exciting basketball and cleaned the house.
March 28 – Nachos at work!
March 29 – Chocolate fountain at work!
March 30 – Alisa watched Atticus and it was “specials teacher appreciation day” at my school. My kids gave me so many thoughtful cards and gifts.
March 31 – Dinner with Susan and Alisa. Cooked by Susan. Two words: Lamb. Chops.

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