Good things in February.

Today Atticus is two months old! February was, on the whole, much easier than January. When people say that things get easier around week six, they are not kidding. I have slowly been feeling better, too.

2/24 humiliation

If you wrote good things for this month, please share them in the comments! If you have taken the time to notice good things every day, they should be shared with others.

February 1 – Got a really good night of sleep. Which is relative, obviously, but I take what I can get.
February 2 – The finale of Downton Abbey, and two walks outside on a beautiful day.
February 3 – McDonald’s for dinner.
February 4 – Some friends came to meet Atticus, including his (future) best friend and her mom. (The babies slept.)
February 5 – I had breakfast with a friend while Mike and Atticus attended a Men’s Breakfast at Mike’s school.
February 6 – Atticus was presented at church and the prayer over him was so sweet. And then Mike won Best of Show in the Male Bakeoff.
February 7 – Atticus’s doctor’s appointment was much better than last time. Basically, the doctor was actually paying attention to us.
February 8 – Hung out at my neighbor’s house.
February 9 – Lots of fun getting ready to watch the UNC/Duke game. Sadly, the game did not turn out like I would want, but it was still a fun day.
February 10 – Mike got a two-hour delay.
February 11 – Lunch at Mike’s school with my neighbors.
February 12 – Brunch with Alisa and then six week pictures of Atticus.
February 13 – My mom came and helped me clean the house.
February 14 – I watched the good performances from the Grammys. And we had fajitas for Valentine’s Day! Plus, Watson on Jeopardy.
February 15 – Good news for a friend.
February 16 – Long walk with Atticus on a beautiful day.
February 17 – Lunch at Mike’s school, again.
February 18 – A warm, gorgeous day.
February 19 – Got my hair cut. Everyone promises me it’s not mom hair. And Melissa brought us dinner.
February 20 – Premiere of The Amazing Race. So many racers that I already enjoy!
February 21 – Dressed Atticus in his Very Hungry Caterpillar outfit. Melissa stopped by for an hour or so.
February 22 – Atticus’s best friend and her mom came over.
February 23 – This was a rough day because Atticus was tired and did not nap. So he was cranky. I had a good walk with a friend, though. (During which Atticus refused to nap.)
February 24 – Emily brought me a warm beverage because of my crappy day.
February 25 – Had lunch with my mom and my aunt.
February 26 – Went shopping for new clothes with my mom.
February 27 – We drove to Chapel Hill so Atticus could meet one of my oldest friends.
February 28 – Atticus slept through the night. Over 11 hours. And so did I (I got 8 hours). It was a day made of magic. (Sadly, he did not sleep through the night again last night.)

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