Good things in January.

I have been trying to write down things for Atticus so he will know about his first year of life. (It is very convenient that his first year of life began on January 1.) So a lot of the “good things” are things I also remember for him.

We only made dinner once for ourselves in January. So of course all the meals could have been their own good things. If you made a meal and I didn’t mention it, please don’t be offended. I appreciated it, I promise. It saved our lives, is what I mean.

If you have good things to post, please share them in the comments! I love reading them, and I feel so disconnected now from everything going on outside our house.

Oh, and for the record: this was my favorite picture from the month.

Atticus Edible Bouquet

January 1 – Atticus is born! My pregnancy is over! Don’t ask me which I am most excited about.
January 2 – Friends came to visit in the hospital.
January 3 – We went home from the hospital.
January 4 – Lots of visitors! And Atticus got the hang of eating.
January 5 – Mike’s sister and her kids came to visit.
January 6 – Had an outing to the maternity store and Mike learned how to use the Moby wrap.
January 7 – I had an awesome nap.
January 8 – Atticus wore his UNC hat and his mojo worked.
January 9 – Photoshoot with Jason and Alisa.
January 10 – Survived a doctor’s appointment. At the pediatrician’s office. Scary times.
January 11 – I posted Atticus’s song and everyone was so nice about it.
January 12 – Alisa came and hung out with us for her birthday and then Atticus met my aunt. And some of my former coworkers also came by.
January 13 – Episode one of Downton Abbey. And my dad’s sisters both came to visit.
January 14 – Got the cloth diapers all washed and stuffed. Andrea came to visit and was nice even though Atticus was not feeling well.
January 15 – This picture. Plus, my brother and his girlfriend brought us the best cheeseburgers in North Carolina.
January 16 – Went for my first walk since labor and delivery. Walked a mile and was exhausted. And then enjoyed the Golden Globes.
January 17 – I got out by myself for a doctor’s appointment. It was scary but I did it. And Atticus did not starve.
January 18 – Mike sent me flowers because he had to go back to work. And it was a two-hour delay! And Alisa came so I would not be by myself.
January 19 – Alisa came back so, again, I was not alone. Atticus slept on her.
January 20 – Delicious cheeseburgers for lunch delivered by my associate pastor.
January 21 – Rough morning, but Mike was able to come home for lunch and then Atticus finally fell asleep for hours and hours. My mom came and I watched Downton Abbey with her.
January 22 – This was the one-and-only day in January that we made our own dinner. Pizza! I also went and had coffee with a friend while Mike gave Atticus his first bottle.
January 23 – Got Atticus to nap using the miracle of the vacuum cleaner noises we downloaded from iTunes.
January 24 – Found out about this Blue Canary Night Light.
January 25 – Emily brought me lunch. And then I watched episode 3 of Downton Abbey. Also, SOTU fun on Twitter and Facebook.
January 26 – Took Alisa to the US Figure Skating opening ceremonies. And Blue Canary Night Light arrived.
January 27 – The weather was gorgeous and Alisa and I took Atticus for a walk.
January 28 – My aunt came to visit and brought Pita Delite. mmmmmmm. And then I had an awesome nap. And then I got to hang out with Melissa.
January 29 – I dressed Atticus like Luke Danes and then went to see figure skating with my neighbor and then with my mom.
January 30 – Nice walk outside and then date night! We left Atticus with a babysitter for the first time.
January 31 – Outing to Starbucks to visit Alisa.

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