Monthly Archives: February 2011

Had we but world enough, and time. 2

I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions except to lose weight. And I have lost a considerable amount of weight since New Year’s Eve. I expect I will be able to keep it off since there is no longer a person installed on my front. I am a total winner when it comes to New […]

watching from the sidelines. 7

Adjusting to this new way of life is a bit like pulling on clothes that don’t fit. Hand-me-downs with room to grow. I know a thing or two about clothes that don’t fit these days, as my maternity clothes are far too big and the rest of my clothes are too small. Perhaps one day […]

good stuff sprinkled in. 13

Besides telling me that it gets better, the thing that I keep hearing is that I need to cherish this time. It has been hard to imagine why anyone would say that, really. Not sleeping for more than three hours at a time? Being spit up on? The fear of smelling like sour milk? What […]

It’s a Major Award. I won it! 4

Previous Male Bakeoff Entries: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, Best of Show in 2009, and 2010. It would have been understandable if Mike had decided to opt out of the Male Bakeoff this year. Our baby is one month old, after all. Who has time to bake anything? If he was going to bake anything, surely […]

Good things in January. 8

I have been trying to write down things for Atticus so he will know about his first year of life. (It is very convenient that his first year of life began on January 1.) So a lot of the “good things” are things I also remember for him. We only made dinner once for ourselves […]

Days of grace. 6

Last week, the US Figure Skating Championships were in Greensboro. And a year and a half ago, for my birthday, Mike got me tickets to every single event. This was a truly amazing present, and I was super excited about it. And then I got pregnant. And I was due three weeks before the skating […]