I have written a lot of thank-you notes lately, and, in many of them, there was some variation on the idea that we appreciate people’s help as we become a family of three. To some people, “family” implies the presence of children, but I believe that Mike and I were a family already. Over the past ten years, we have forged traditions and created an identity for ourselves, and over the past year specifically, we have made a space for someone else to move in with us. It took me longer than it took Mike to be ready, despite the fact that I literally had that someone else move in to my body. At first I was too scared at how much things were going to change, and then I was so sick, and then I felt so big. I distracted myself by organizing his room and making and buying things, but I was still unsure and overwhelmed. It was only right at the end, when I took the step of writing all those letters, that I started to be able to welcome this change like I imagine most people do right from the start. Or at least much earlier. And all of you, my friends and family and internet friends, were part of that. So I owe you a thank-you note, too, for walking with me as we have taken these halting steps towards becoming a family of three. Especially the ways that you encouraged me as I wrote those letters, letters that I did not even know that I needed to write until the project was over.

But you are probably not going to get a thank-you note any time soon. It is with great pleasure that I announce that Atticus made his arrival this afternoon, on the very fun date of 1/1/11. The three of us are extremely tired after such a long day, but we are doing well.


I will be back at some point with good things for December and my 2010 book list . . . it’s just going to take me some time.

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