Monthly Archives: January 2011

baby hours. 8

Today one of my friends said that baby hours are longer than regular hours. This is true, especially when you are trying to problem-solve a mysterious crying fit. Your diaper is clean, your belly is full, your clothes are warm, nothing is too tight, you are safe. So why aren’t you happy? The hours spent […]

Pregnancy essentials. 11

I tried not to talk incessantly about being pregnant while I was pregnant. Mostly because I didn’t especially enjoy being pregnant, and I hated to say that because there are so many people who are not able to be pregnant who really want to. But the truth is that I did not really like being […]

Books read 2010 13

Finally, here is my list of books that I read last year! It is easy to tell that my iron is (slowly) coming back up and I am getting more energy. However, if you think that I am going to stop using my low iron as an excuse to eat two cheeseburgers, you are sadly […]

all that’s in store for you. 18

Mike and I don’t exchange presents on Christmas or Valentine’s Day or our anniversary. We save presents solely for birthdays, and we try to make them really special. Sometime during the past nine months, I decided that I should also get a present on Atticus’s birthday. Not just this year, but every year. For doing […]

Good things in December 2

That is the cake from our church baby shower. The wild rumpus has, indeed, begun. We have made it a week and Atticus is eating and pooping like a champ (or, in SNL style, LIKE A BOSS). I saw in my reader that lots of you already posted your good things. Hooray! I will try […]

three. 23

I have written a lot of thank-you notes lately, and, in many of them, there was some variation on the idea that we appreciate people’s help as we become a family of three. To some people, “family” implies the presence of children, but I believe that Mike and I were a family already. Over the […]