Good things in November.

I can still see my feet.

I started November with this picture of my belly, taken on Halloween. I wore that sweater again on Monday. Let’s just say that it doesn’t fit quite so well. Everyone at work kept saying, “You really popped over the holiday!” It wasn’t because I ate too much turkey, sadly. My boy is just getting so big. Alas, the sweater is just not that flattering anymore. I thought about taking a comparison picture, but the sweater is in the wash, so it will have to wait a few days. And then never be worn again. For the record, I can still see my feet. I just have to lean a bit.

Some business for today: Hannah Faith, Tamara, and Dena won the Atticus mix CDs. They have been notified. If you still really want one, perhaps you should consider bribing me in some way. Like, telling me top secret surefire ways to make a baby come out.

Here are this month’s good things. I always post a lot about food, but this month, the list is mostly food. hee hee hee. If you made a list, be sure to link it in the comments. I love reading other people’s good things.

November 1 – Celebrated my mom’s birthday with steak and brownies. And I found out I passed the long glucose test.
November 2 – Staff meeting got cancelled so we could go vote.
November 3 – Yoga was really hard but I still did it.
November 4 – Mike bought me my own fries for McDonald’s night (last month he made me share).
November 5 – We had delicious chili for dinner.
November 6 – I stayed in my warm bed while Mike went and ran a 5K. And I took a nap while Mike watched college football.
November 7 – Shower at church for friends and delicious roast beef sandwich for dinner.
November 8 – Fondue with friends.
November 9 – Made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and ate them warm just out of the oven. Heaven.
November 10 – Half day of school, time with my aunt, and a good doctor’s appointment.
November 11 – Day off from school! And Alisa took pictures of us. And our dryer got fixed (don’t ask).
November 12 – Incredibly productive morning at work.
November 13 – Shower for a friend and an afternoon at the zoo.
November 14 – Dinner with my aunt after 10 hours of sleep.
November 15 – I didn’t feel very good, so putting on my pajamas when I got home from work was awesome.
November 16 – Finished all the thank-you notes that we owe.
November 17 – We each got presents for Atticus at work. Mine were handmade burp cloths, and Mike got an outfit with monkey socks. And then we had our breastfeeding class, which was not as scary as I thought it might be.
November 18 – Risotto for dinner.
November 19 – Mike is the best guy ever. I have a great mom. And I had dinner at PrintWorks with some friends. Also, I got to wear jeans to work.
November 20 – This was a healing sort of day.
November 21 – Got a lot done, including helping Mike make 8 lasagnas.
November 22 – Technology meeting at work meant no classes plus lunch was provided!
November 23 – I got to wear jeans to work again!
November 24 – Doctor’s appointment went well, unexpected time with Melissa and Randy, plus Thanksgiving preparations.
November 25 – Thanksgiving, and we have so much to be thankful for. Like the fact that I walked a 5K and wasn’t last. Also, green beans wrapped in bacon.
November 26 – We don’t work retail. So we don’t have to get out of our pajamas until almost noon. We put up the tree and made our usual turkey dinner and started listening to Christmas music.
November 27 – Got our wreath, ran errands, hung out with Emily and Kendra.
November 28 – First Sunday of Advent!
November 29 – Delicious turkey chowder for dinner.
November 30 – Mike made comfort food and I went to bed early.

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