Dear Atticus, Happy Thanksgiving


Dear Atticus,

Today is Thanksgiving! It’s a holiday I love because it centers on food, family, and gratitude. Your dad loves Thanksgiving, too. He has to have certain foods or it just doesn’t count. We are particularly fond of bacon-wrapped green beans. I hope you like them when I have some later today. By the way, thanks for letting me wear stretchy pants on Thanksgiving. They rock.

I know you will go through some phases where you don’t like anything, but I would love it if you could manage not to be an especially picky eater. Your dad and I both love food and cooking together, and we so want to share that with you. Ever since I was small, meals have meant family. Whether that was just my own family with my parents and my brother, dinner fresh from the garden at my grandma’s house, or macaroni and tomatoes at my grandmother’s house, food, for me, cannot be separated from the people who gather around it. We want you to experience that connection, too.

Whether you know it or not, you will be gathering today for a meal with a lot of people who love you already and have been waiting for you for a long time. Apparently, last year at Thanksgiving my cousins made some kind of pact about how they were going to start encouraging me to get pregnant, and if I wasn’t pregnant by today, they were going to speak to your dad about how that really needed to happen. They have been particularly gleeful that their plan seemed to work (even though they didn’t actually do anything). But don’t worry, the people who didn’t have any kind of diabolical plan are also happy that you’re on the way. They’ve been giving you so many nice things and helping us get your room set up. I am sorry you won’t have as many cousins as I did, because it was fun to grow up with so many other people around.

Next year, you’ll get to see what all the fuss is about. This year, though, I hope you enjoy all the turkey and mashed potatoes I’ll be sending your way. As for things I am thankful for? This year, they all have to do with you.


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