Good things in October.

October flew by, did it not? It’s already time to post good things. If you kept a list for October, please post it in the comments. I enjoy reading what everyone else’s month was like.

tea cups

October 1 – Put a roast in the crockpot. Our house smelled fantastic when I got home from work. And dinner was ready for my aunt and uncle to come over.
October 2 – Women’s Only 5K plus an art walk. Plus we bought the ABCs for this art project.
October 3 – Shower at the O. Henry with many lovely people, plus good times with our youth group talking about the First Amendment.
October 4 – Started planning the Great Pumpkin Party.
October 5 – Alisa left me an awesome present. And dinner at Lucky 32. Delicious fried chicken and collard greens.
October 6 – Yoga!
October 7 – Quarter Pounder with Cheese.
October 8 – Had a sore throat, so I bought myself some Orange Crush and crackers. I love Orange Crush. Even though Mike thinks it is juvenile.
October 9 – Another lovely shower with (mostly) family members. And Abbondanza at Bianca’s. A good day, except I was kind of sick.
October 10 – Felt much better, which was a huge relief.
October 11 – Teacher preview for the book fair. I introduced them to the white chocolate craisin cookies. I am winning them over.
October 12 – First day of the book fair was very illuminating for me in many ways.
October 13 – Had a nice walk around the neighborhood by myself.
October 14 – Family night at the book fair was well-attended and over quickly.
October 15 – Good response to an email from my boss. On a Friday afternoon. And went to Michael’s with Mike and bought a hot glue gun.
October 16 – Started the ABC project and went on a ghost tour of downtown Greensboro.
October 17 – Finished and hung ABC project (with some assistance from Andrea).
October 18 – Dinner at Chick-Fil-A and picked up an awesome arty thing for Atticus’s room.
October 19 – Donuts for Dads and then I got to leave work early.
October 20 – The book fair got packed up! It went very well, but we were all glad that it was over, too. And I made it back to yoga.
October 21 – Mike and I had a good discussion about some things that have been going on.
October 22 – It was a jeans day at work. And I made awesome pizza dough for dinner.
October 23 – Woke up early and did good organizing things, then took a 2 hour nap. Then went for a ghost tour downtown with friends.
October 24 – Wedding at church and then completely finished organizing the nursery.
October 25 – Got an amazing amount of organizing done at school. It’s good to have days like that.
October 26 – Important conversation with Melissa regarding pumpkin cheesecake. Also, one particular class went very well.
October 27 – Made delicious cookies.
October 28 – Good conversation after work and incredible baking/cooking/cleaning time in preparation for the Great Pumpkin Party.
October 29 – Teacher workday! And the Great Pumpkin Party!
October 30 – A day hanging out with Andrea, Mellow Mushroom, and Billy Elliott.
October 31 – Slept until 10 am and felt like a human being again for the first time in a while. And then passed out candy for Halloween!

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