I have been wanting for a while to post a belly shot and to quote Walt Whitman. So here we go.


Do I contradict myself?
Very well then I contradict myself,
(I am large, I contain multitudes.) -Walt Whitman

Though I contain just one other person, I am feeling pretty large these days. “Multitudes” doesn’t feel like that much of an exaggeration. I am to the point where random people feel the need to comment on my size. This, to me, is unacceptable. You do not comment on someone’s size. Especially if you do not know them. Especially if you are going to say that they are big. That they look like they are about to drop a baby. The only reason that anyone should comment on my size is to tell me that I am small and adorable. Is that clear? Am I being totally unreasonable here?

I have been challenging myself lately, so perhaps I am learning to contain multitudes in other ways. I even did something crafty. Something that required me to use a hot glue gun. Here is a true story for you: I never used a hot glue gun until last year. That’s right, I was 30 years old before I used a hot glue gun. Mike and I bought one for our house on Friday, partly for this project and partly because I figure that it is a mom sort of thing that I need to own. When things break, I can get out my hot glue gun and fix them. If I don’t burn myself first.

After posting pictures of our nursery, I realized that the area on the wall by the crib and the window needed something. I have already taken care of the spot on the wall between the crib and the door, and I’ll show it to you at some point. But the other wall space needed something, too. We decided maybe something with ABCs would be good. So I called a friend who is an artist and I asked her what to do. Because she is an artist, she came up with an awesome plan. It was more complicated than any plan I would have come up with (my plan was something like “cute ABC poster from Etsy in a frame”), but that is why she is the artist and I am the librarian. She went downtown to an antique store and picked out some letters for us and put them on hold. And then, because we are teachers and we are totally anal, we spent an hour going through the letters, making sure that every single letter was in the correct direction so as not to inadvertently screw up our child’s life and keep him from going to college. (The decisions we are making these days all seem to have a lot of pressure. The wrong car seat could keep our son from going to college! I had to stop reading all the books because it was kind of stressful.) We ended up with a box of letters that we were happy with. Our artist friend also wrangled us a good deal on them.


So then we had to figure out what we wanted to do with the letters. I had thought maybe putting some kind of paint/crackle glaze on a board, but then I saw this book wreath and it got me thinking about using book pages in one way or another. Especially since books are kind of the theme of the room. So after taking a vote on what would look the best, we went with book pages. Here is another sad thing that proves that I am not actually crafty. Instead of just using a book that was falling apart (we have plenty of those), we had to pick book pages that had meaning. Because we are boring like that. (How could we choose just one book?! What would it be?! We could not decide.) So we made copies of lots of our favorite scenes from children’s books we love: The Wednesday Wars, Number the Stars, Anne of Green Gables, A Ring of Endless Light, some Harry Potter, some Narnia, The Book of Three, The Trumpet of the Swan, Charlotte’s Web, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and so on and so forth. I decoupaged them onto a canvas, Mike sprayed the canvas with sealant, and I used our brand new shiny glue gun to affix the letters.




I am old enough now that I don’t have to try new things or do things I don’t want to do. But I have been thinking about whether that is the example that I want to set as a parent. I would like for Atticus to be more brave than I am, to try things boldly rather than playing it safe. So while I like my craft-free existence and I was happy with my glue gun-less house, I also want to be less intimidated by the idea of going into Michael’s and trying things. I learned about decoupage and bought a glue gun because I want Atticus’s multitudes to include the many possibilities available to him.

It’s just a bonus that I really really like how it turned out.

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