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Women's Only 5K - Greensboro

The past two years, I have been sick during the last week of September. Last year, that meant that I had to miss the Women’s Only 5K. This year, I managed to avoid the germs thanks to a healthy coating of hand sanitizer, a slightly obsessive commitment to washing my hands, and some plain old good luck.

Breast cancer is not an extremely personal issue to me, but I enjoy the camaraderie of the race and giving support to the survivors. There are so many women wearing signs honoring other women in their lives who have been touched by the disease. I was especially sad to see a sign on one woman’s back in memory of her mother, who died on September 10th of this year. I wanted to give her a hug. But I have that whole germ complex thing going on right now.

I was once in a race that raised money for general cancer research, and I wanted to wear a sign in memory of my dad. But it was hard to know what to say on the sign, hard to know how to share my story with strangers. So I appreciate the bits and pieces of stories I saw today: women wearing shirts proclaiming that they have survived breast cancer, women walking for other women, and women proudly kicking cancer’s butt. I like kicking cancer’s butt. It’s a good way to start a weekend.

I signed up for the race with the intention of walking it, and just jogging across the library earlier this week to answer the phone confirmed that was the right move. To my surprise, I found that I enjoyed walking it more than I have enjoyed running it. I got to take in the atmosphere a little more, and I was able to carry the camera with me to take a picture of my favorite moment: the sea of pink moving down the street.

Though they are strict about this being a women’s only race, I did manage to sneak a boy on the course. Please excuse my post-race windblown look. I am trying to take some friends’ advice and let Mike take pictures of me no matter how ridiculous I feel I look.


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