Good things in September.

Time once again for good things! Be sure to put a link to your own good things (or just list some good things) in the comments. So that our good things can be shared.


September 1 – Wednesday night dinner at church and a lovely presentation by our wonderful youth group.
September 2 – I won the prize for “best name” in my Fantasy Football League. Which is good because I am totally going to come in last. And Mike brought me a quarter pounder with cheese from McDonald’s.
September 3 – Last Float Night at the pool. Made me so happy to have good friends.
September 4 – Mike and I finished hanging things in the nursery. And then had dinner with our neighbors.
September 5 – We registered and no one cried.
September 6 – We finished registering and I had delicious pizza with some lovely ladies.
September 7 – Listened to the fall playlist that Mike put on my iPod. He is very thoughtful.
September 8 – Lovely evening walk with Mike.
September 9 – Butternut squash and caramelized onion galette. Yum yum.
September 10 – My maternity jeans came in! I was so excited that I put them on in the middle of the kitchen. And then I went and watched Say Anything with some friends. Good food, good company, and Lloyd Dobler.
September 11 – Took a nap at the pool. (It was open but too cool to be there. So I napped. While wearing my new jeans.)
September 12 – I wore my maternity jeans for the third day in a row.
September 13 – One of my kindergarteners overcame his fear of headphones. It sounds like a little thing, but it was so awesome.
September 14 – Coffee with my Aunt Nancy.
September 15 – Another Wednesday night walk.
September 16 – Dinner with my middle school librarian people. I miss them. So much fun.
September 17 – I dressed up as Fancy Nancy at work and had an awesome lesson with kindergarten and we had a fun dinner with friends.
September 18 – The Birthday Fairy visited Mike and brought him some nice presents.
September 19 – We went to the pool one last time and I made Mike a Birthday Apple Pie.
September 20 – Mike’s birthday! My friend won Teacher of the Year for our whole county. It was awesome. I was also recognized for being Media Specialist of the Year. But hers was very exciting.
September 21 – We went to dinner at Bianca’s and then went and saw The Glass Menagerie at Triad Stage.
September 22 – I did yoga and did not die of embarrassment.
September 23 – Nice walk with Mike after work. I am so glad it’s cooler in the evenings.
September 24 – Delicious dinner and two sweet kindergarteners sat in my lap. AND! It was jeans day. I wore my maternity jeans. In case you were wondering. And everyone complimented me on them.
September 25 – I cleaned many things and cleaned out several cupboards. Hooray, nesting!
September 26 – Chicken chili. Football. A rainy Sunday nap. The return of The Amazing Race. That pretty much covers it.
September 27 – Good observation and feedback at work, which was cheerful.
September 28 – Today I had a long awaited meeting and I kicked serious butt for my school. It made me feel like I am doing a good job.
September 29 – I had pizza for lunch AND dinner.
September 30 – I felt much more rested and none of my students cried. (It was a crying sort of week, apparently. All the rain, I suppose.)

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