A room with a view.

It’s already clear that having a baby is a group effort, and nowhere is that more evident than in the nursery. My mom helped with the curtains and gave me her old rocking chair, my aunt helped Mike pick out the crib, a friend of ours donated a mobile, people keep giving us adorable baby clothes. We are mostly done with the room at this point except for a few things we left for the registries. Alisa came and took some pictures. Disclaimer: I am no fancy designer. And I’m not really apologizing for that. But here’s what we did.

room view

From the top: The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, Where the Wild Things Are, Danny and the Dinosaur, and A Bargain for Frances (the lone nod to a slightly more female book, but she’s carrying an alligator in the picture, so it should be fine even though it’s about a tea set). In case you are worried, we did get them used before I chopped them up.

books in frames

We ordered this the day we found out we were having a boy (since we knew we were naming him Atticus). We’re just lucky that the green happens to go with the other stuff we were doing, I guess. And, did you know that it’s really hard to find a white poster frame? Spray paint was our friend. (Actually, there are a lot of spray painted frames in the room.)

come from

Lamp is from Marshall’s, pictures are from chopped up books. Stop looking at me like I am a murderer. They had good lives.


That’s my Kermit, the one who helped me potty train. He clapped for me. When I would go in the potty. He’s kind of a big deal.

important things

I didn’t register for any bedding, just some sheets that came highly recommended by Adriene. So this won’t look that different.

room view 2

A parent of one of Mike’s former students made this mobile. It is so awesome.

books mobile

This is the only view I don’t love, but we’re working on it. We have something now to hang in that space between the crib and the door. And at some point we will have a pad for the changing table. Also, that mirror? Totally spray painted.

room view 3

So that’s what we’ve got so far! One thing I am going to ask for help with, Gentle Readers, is that I would like to hang Atticus’s initials in a frame that we have. I love the initials that are “found” in nature or in architecture. I need ARO in landscape format. Can anyone point me in that direction? I already have the frame, I just need the pictures. (Anybody want to take them for me?)

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