Monthly Archives: September 2010

Good things in September. 5

Time once again for good things! Be sure to put a link to your own good things (or just list some good things) in the comments. So that our good things can be shared. September 1 – Wednesday night dinner at church and a lovely presentation by our wonderful youth group. September 2 – I […]

Can I say I wish that this weather would never leave? 13

There are leaves on the ground here, but only because it has been so hot and dry. The relief we felt when the heat broke over the weekend was surely akin to what Noah and his motley crew of animals and family felt when it finally stopped raining. The past two mornings, I have stepped […]

Speak loudly. 2

Tomorrow is the first day of Banned Books Week. In the past week, there has been a challenge to one of Laurie Halse Anderson’s books. A man in Springfield, Missouri, believes that the depictions of rape in Speak constitute soft-core pornography. I have read Speak, and it is an incredibly moving book, one that I […]

The gift of silence. 9

Sunset Yoga by Andrew Kalat. Shared under a Creative Commons license. As we begin to fold and stretch ourselves into the positions, the rumble of the laughter and conversation next door is a welcome background noise. Slowly, so slowly that I don’t even notice, the people filter away until, suddenly, I am left with just […]

I am days away from change. 14

I am struggling with how much to post about being pregnant. On one hand, it’s what’s happening now. On the other hand, it’s probably only interesting to me. And maybe Mike. And probably my mom. But I think this video is worth sharing. I saw it on Erin’s blog last week. I cried at the […]

And your very flesh shall be a great poem. 3

From the preface to Leaves of Grass, found here. I did not expect the sheer physicality of being pregnant, how tired I get after a walk I used to be able to run. The pain in my back. The way he keeps poking me. The way I keep poking him back. (Which drives Mike crazy.) […]

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. 0

Though it will be 91 degrees today, there are signs that fall is on its way. I get a poem emailed to me every day from, and in the past week, several of them have had autumn themes. Today’s was from John Keats, which was appropriate since I watched Bright Star last night. “To […]

Good girl. 7

I often shock the kids at school by telling them how much I dislike books about animals. There is one series in particular, one that features warrior cats, that pretty much freaks me out. The cats all have glowing yellow eyes. I call them the freaky cat books. This makes the children giggle. Or roll […]

I measure every Grief I meet 3

I measure every Grief I meet With narrow, probing, eyes – I wonder if It weighs like Mine – Or has an Easier size. –Emily Dickinson We miss you, Daddy. I am missing you a lot this year.

With all my heart. 6

“I have learned not to worry about love; but to honor its coming with all my heart.” Alice Walker Like most prospective parents, I have had some sleepless nights worrying about what we are going to do. (I have also spent some sleepless nights being kicked repeatedly. But I guess that is a different thing […]

A room with a view. 8

It’s already clear that having a baby is a group effort, and nowhere is that more evident than in the nursery. My mom helped with the curtains and gave me her old rocking chair, my aunt helped Mike pick out the crib, a friend of ours donated a mobile, people keep giving us adorable baby […]

taters. 3

I stopped eating french fries about 7 years ago. There were a lot of reasons, but the main reason is that I cannot have just some of the fries. I must have all of the fries. If you don’t want yours, I will eat them, too. But you should definitely not try to take any […]

Hold it high. 1

Lanterns by Amaury Henderick. Shared through a Creative Commons license. After I mentioned the Great Target Wedding Registry Incident of 2000, Mike came to me and said, “I have no idea what you are talking about.” Apparently he has blocked out the meltdown we had in the middle of Target because one of us wanted […]

Lonely is healing if you make it. 4

Here is a lovely video featuring a poem by an artist I mentioned a few times this summer, Tanya Davis. You should watch it. “How to Be Alone” by Tanya Davis If you are at first lonely, be patient. If you’ve not been alone much, or if when you were, you weren’t okay with it, […]