Good things in July

My summer is essentially over. I go back a week earlier this year, and I am currently in workshops. So my days of lounging by the pool are gone. I’m okay with that, though. It’s been a good summer, and I think there are some good things ahead. Be sure and post your good things in the comments to share with us all!

East Point lighthouse

July 1 – Starbucks Hot Chocolate Ice Cream. Thanks to my wonderful husband.
July 2 – Took awesome naps during the World Cup and watched Friday Night Lights.
July 3 – Cookout at the pool with some people we are getting to know.
July 4 – A fun day full of food and friends.
July 5 – Shopping with Mike and dinner with my family for my birthday.
July 6 – Good doctor’s appointment and then everyone was so nice when we posted our news.
July 7 – Made curtains for the new person’s room with my mom.
July 8 – Had cake with Kendra.
July 9 – The internet participated in Mike’s radio show, making it the best radio show he’s ever had. Thanks, y’all.
July 10 – Fun friends over for dinner.
July 11 – I bought a rug for the new person’s room (Do you see how efficient I am about getting this done?)
July 12 – Dinner with Melissa and Emily for my birthday (really spreading it out this year).
July 13 – Hmmm. This was a rotten day of travel, but the Air Canada people were wonderful to us. Unlike US Air. Ahem. And the Old Spice guy was really funny. Can he be my good thing?
July 14 – Had a fantastic dinner at The Landmark Cafe and thoroughly enjoyed The New New Potato-Time Review.
July 15 – Beautiful afternoon on the beach celebrating our tenth anniversary.
July 16 – Fun day of sightseeing and desperately looking for bathrooms after riding on bumpy dirt roads.
July 17 – National Park Day didn’t work out like we’d expected, but we had a beautiful afternoon in Cavendish Grove reading in the shade.
July 18 – French fries for lunch.
July 19 – A gorgeous day on the Island.
July 20 – We got to watch my favorite episode of Glee on the Air Canada flight from Montreal to New York. I love you, Air Canada.
July 21 – Dinner (for my birthday, still) with Andrea and Alisa included tiny food! My favorite.
July 22 – Nice afternoon at the pool with Emily.
July 23 – Super productive day – bought chairs for the sunroom, put down the rug in the new person’s room, hung pictures on the wall (I directed, Mike hung them, AND we did not argue), organized the gift-wrap materials in their new closet location.
July 24 – Hung out with my mom in the afternoon. It was too hot to do anything else.
July 25 – Slept until 10am and then had a productive day that included cleaning and ice cream.
July 26 – Lunch with my aunt and then frozen yogurt with a work friend in the afternoon.
July 27 – Coffee with Melissa in the morning. Impromptu dinner with some work friends turned into an extremely fun evening.
July 28 – I made pizza for dinner and it was very good.
July 29 – Lovely hour at the pool and then goodbye dinner with Andrea.
July 30 – Went to visit my old job at the public library and then had a fantastic afternoon at the pool.
July 31 – Mike came home! I missed him and I was bored without him.

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