Good things in June.

I’ve got four or five drafts that have been percolating but just aren’t ready yet. The week got away from me, this last week of June. I was doing too much waiting and not enough living. Except for the part where we went to see Eclipse at midnight. Just because we could. You’re not really living until you see werewolves and vampires fighting. At two in the morning. What I’m saying is, I should be back to posting more regularly next week, and thanks to those of you who checked up on me.


As always, link your good things in the comments so that they can go forth and multiply.

June 1 – Chocolate cake at school.
June 2 – Patty Griffin and Buddy Miller. Outside under the stars.
June 3 – I found out that I was named Media Specialist of the Year for my school system.
June 4 – We had another couple over for dinner. Ate grilled pizza and watched the National Spelling Bee.
June 5 – Many flowers were delivered to my house.
June 6 – I went to brunch at Print Works Bistro and ate delicious food. I love brunch. More brunch, please!
June 7 – My yard was flamingoed.
June 8 – Spent some surprise time with my Aunt Nancy.
June 9 – Mike and I went to Five Guys and it was delicious.
June 10 – Last day of school! Fun times at Natty Greene’s afterwards with some teacher friends.
June 11 – Afternoon at the pool after our first workday.
June 12 – Risotto for dinner after a long lovely day.
June 13 – Wedding at church.
June 14 – I made four plates at pottery. Four plates! In one night! And used up most of the rest of my clay.
June 15 – I began the week of decompression (it usually takes about a week to get over the end of school).
June 16 – Pool and Lucky 32 for dinner.
June 17 – Pool and a nap (at the pool).
June 18 – Pool and Tim Riggins. (See how the decompression works?)
June 19 – Ran errands and then hung out with friends at the pool.
June 20 – Ikea with my mom. I bought a bookcase. One can never have too many bookcases.
June 21 – Did many productive things and got a lot of problems solved. Also, my last pottery class. I learned some of the dangers of glazing.
June 22 – Dinner at Bianca’s with several of my friends to celebrate my big win.
June 23 – I watched an entire soccer game, which the US won in the 91st minute.
June 24 – The Princess Bride and craisin cookies.
June 25 – Lunch with my longest friend and her husband. And then we bought a dresser on Craigslist. And then float night! A good day.
June 26 – I watched another soccer game, which we did not win. But! I at least am improving myself. And then we went to a surprise party and there was night swimming.
June 27 – Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves with my friend who had never seen it before. Great fun times quoting the lines obnoxiously.
June 28 – Lunch with an old friend. At Zaytoon’s.
June 29 – Lunch and shopping and frozen yogurt with my Aunt Nancy. And then I finished The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest and then we went to the midnight showing of Eclipse with some friends.
June 30 – We ordered Chinese food, finished season two of Friday Night Lights, and went to bed early because of the previous night’s escapades.

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