Smoothies and shopping.

This week, our Button Club adventures included shopping from the farm and making smoothies. I have chronicled my farmer’s market adventures here many times, so none of that is really new information. But Mike and I did make smoothies before we went. And drank them out of our portable coffee cups.


Our homemade smoothies had strawberries, blueberries, cranberry juice, plain yogurt, and flax seed. They were wonderfully tart, which I hadn’t expected. I don’t necessarily want something very sweet in the mornings. You can read about our smoothies and our farmer’s market adventures in my Button Club post.

The best smoothies here in Greensboro are, no question, made at the Juice Shop. (They don’t have a website, or I would link to them.) My personal favorite is their blueberry, though all the ones I have had are delicious. The one drawback to the blueberry smoothie is that so many seeds end up in your teeth. What is your favorite kind of smoothie? Share your recipe or your smoothie shop of choice in the comments!

(I must confess that I am amused that making smoothies is something we are supposed to have learned from our grandmothers. I very much doubt my grandma has ever had a smoothie. I think smoothies are more modern than that. Anybody agree or disagree?)

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