Good things in May.

Don’t forget to post a link to your good things in the comments. I always enjoy reading everyone else’s lists. It makes our good things even better to share them.


May 1 – Derby party and relaxing in our hammock.
May 2 – I made several mix CDs that I was proud of.
May 3 – My students rocked the book spine poetry (click here for examples of what that is), I had coffee with Melissa and Emily and had some really good instruction at pottery.
May 4 – Got some good lounging time while Mike went to see Wicked without me. (Don’t feel bad. I have already seen it twice.)
May 5 – I think my good thing is that I called and found out that I am excused from jury duty. I have mixed emotions about it. Normally I would be thrilled to be called in for jury duty, because I love participating in the political process. But the week before the Big Bad Testing is not a great week for teachers to be out.
May 6 – Mike brought home dinner that parents provided as part of Teacher Appreciation Week at his school. So wonderful not to have to cook.
May 7 – I had a doctor’s appointment in the morning, so I went into work at noon. Which meant eating lunch out! Like a normal person!
May 8 – I made jam with my aunt.
May 9 – Mother’s Day lunch with my mom and visited my grandma.
May 10 – Mike bought me some books and a book I have been waiting for came in at the library. Yay, books!
May 11 – Mike bought me flowers. FLOWERS ON A TUESDAY, Y’ALL!
May 12 – Mellow Mushroom with Alisa.
May 13 – I made Mike watch two episodes of Friday Night Lights. Is it okay that I cry while watching pretty much every episode?
May 14 – Made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins for the youth fundraiser and helped them sort books.
May 15 – Went pottery shopping with a work friend in Seagrove. Fun times spending other people’s money.
May 16 – Made blueberry pancakes for the first time.
May 17 – Got super awesome news about one of my students.
May 18 – We decided to take our TV antenna into the bedroom and watched Glee in bed. Also Neil Patrick Harris sang. And made me very happy.
May 19 – I had coffee with Emily after school.
May 20 – Dinner at Bianca’s. It was so good and filled me with happiness. And garlic bread.
May 21 – Mike went to a dance recital, so I had a Friday night alone hanging out and making the house look nice.
May 22 – A full day. 5K, Smith Street Diner, helping a friend with her fundraiser, and one of Mike’s coworkers over for dinner.
May 23 – Mike’s sister came to visit and we took her to Natty Greene’s. And then Alisa came over.
May 24 – Did everything I wanted to do at pottery class: made a piece, trimmed a piece, glazed a piece. Came home and watched Matt Saracen be adorable on Friday Night Lights. What’s not to love?
May 25 – I ate some delicious toast. And Mike made delicious meatballs.
May 26 – I enjoyed watching the American Idol finale and hating on Taylor Hicks. I still hate that guy. I also think the new winner is crap. It’s fun to have disdain for people.
May 27 – People were very very nice to me.
May 28 – My school’s Teacher of the Year is a finalist for the county’s Teacher of the Year. (I like to believe this is because of the awesome recommendation letter I wrote for her. Let’s just say that.)
May 29 – We were at the pool when it opened and spent a lovely day with friends.
May 30 – I took a lazy nap at the pool in one of the chairs.
May 31 – Memorial Day! Mike made barbecue and I had a fun phone call with Brandi and hung out with another friend for an hour or so. These things helped make up for the fact that we got rained out and only got to spend two hours at the pool rather than the five or six we had hoped for.

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