Good things in April.

Happy May Day! Here are April’s good things. Be sure to post yours in the comments if you kept track of your good things this month. So that we can celebrate all the good we are taking the time to see.

Also, my first Button Club task is completed, so go check that out this morning as well.


April 1 – We had a beautiful day in DC. Cherry blossom festival, Lincoln Memorial (I got a little bit teary, I guess because of all that learning I did about him last year), the Holocaust Museum (which is not beautiful but is one of those things that is good for you), perfect weather, delicious hamburgers.
April 2 – The LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, Y’ALL. There were other good things, but THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS wins.
April 3 – I got a really lovely email from an author about a book review I had written.
April 4 – Our house is finally a place where we can just have people over. So we did. We had them over for lunch. (Also, one of our Sunday School students was baptized, which is always a great thing to see.)
April 5 – Most hilarious glazing instructions ever.
April 6 – I spoke at the school board meeting and got to hang out with library friends after at Natty’s.
April 7 – I glazed pieces at pottery and made another bowl.
April 8 – We went out for Andrea’s birthday!
April 9 – Found out Andrea got the job she wanted and also made 4th place medals and ate snacks with my Battle of the Books team. (Fourth place does not get medals, so we had to make our own and they were awesome.)
April 10 – Had an impromptu gathering at our house. Made strawberry shortcake (too bad I should have taken it out of the oven about one minute earlier. But everyone was nice about it being a tad dry).
April 11 – I baked one jillion cookies for my National Library Week activity on Monday.
April 12 – My National Library Week activity at school was well-attended and people even took my propaganda along with my cookies. (Although I made too many cookies. I have been married to Mike for too long. I now overdo everything just like he does.)
April 13 – Glee came back! So that we can all now say things like, “Did you know that dolphins are just gay sharks?” and, “Sometimes I forget my middle name.”
April 14 – Amazingly productive day at work.
April 15 – Ladies’ Night Out with some friends at a place I hadn’t tried before. Appetizer jamboree.
April 16 – Homemade pizza and I fell asleep about 8:45.
April 17 – Game night after a pot luck dinner.
April 18 – Mike went to youth and I had a nice Sunday evening home alone.
April 19 – We practiced the 17 steps of glazing at pottery.
April 20 – The Madonna episode of Glee. “Like a Prayer” rocked my world.
April 21 – My good thing was probably the phone conversation I had with my friend Adriene. Who is awesome.
April 22 – I was sick all day. And then I took a nap and after that I was on the path to being better. It was a miracle nap!
April 23 – I felt better as the day went on. Instead of the other way around.
April 24 – Went to the grand opening of the North Carolina Museum of Art with some students and they were awesome docents and one or two had the greatest day of their lives. And then we made dinner with the neighbors which was wonderful because we only had to make half.
April 25 – Brunch with my mom and Andrea since we didn’t get to go see Alexander McCall Smith because of the stupid volcano.
April 26 – Our last pottery class. I made the instructor try to talk me into taking it again.
April 27 – I hate to make my good thing Glee for three weeks in a row, but when Glee contains the line, “I hate Duke like I hate the Nazis,” what else could my good thing BE? The episode itself was just okay, but that line was the greatest thing I have ever heard on TV.
April 28 – We made delicious pizza for dinner.
April 29 – I went to the gym for the third day in a row, cementing my superhero status. Also, Poem in Your Pocket Day.
April 30 – Field trip. We didn’t lose any kids and no one died. Success!

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