Good things in March.

Sorry my good things are late! We were on vacation, and I had my other posts scheduled. But I needed to finish March’s good things before I could post them. So here they are. As we have been doing, post your link in the comments for our monthly celebration of good things!

birds 3

(Full disclosure: this picture is from the zoo. A few years ago. Mike won’t let me take pictures of the animals anymore. But we did go to the zoo this month.)

March 1 – Chocolate after school for the first day of the book fair. Plus grilled cheese and vegetable soup for dinner.
March 2 – Last art workshop, which was sad, but it was great.
March 3 – It was a lame snow day, but I got a ton of work done at school. It was an awesome productive day. And then I babysat for our neighbor and she read me a story about a fairy.
March 4 – This was a long, hard day but I have to say that I handled it really well and I am proud of that.
March 5 – Alisa and I participated in a racearounddowntown (as opposed to Phil’s racearoundtheworld).
March 6 – Friends came over for dinner and watched Dr. Horrible with us. Also we hung many things on the wall and did not argue or disagree about them at all.
March 7 – It was like spring outside! Mike and I went for a lovely walk and he grilled the first hamburgers of the year.
March 8 – Matinee with a friend and my first pottery class.
March 9 – I got my new ring from the jewelers.
March 10 – Stayed late at school for the book fair and it ended up being worth it.
March 11 – I went to the gym even though I didn’t want to. Mind over matter, people. Something that is not easy for me.
March 12 – I took my kids to the Battle of the Books competition at UNCG and we made the finals! I was so proud of them. We came in 4th overall. And then went to Yum Yum’s for ice cream. A good day.
March 13 – Beautiful weather for a run and then a fantastic Over the Rhine concert with new friends. Also, tiny paper airplanes.
March 14 – Lovely day outside. And basketball. Some of my favorite things about spring.
March 15 – My pottery class was really frustrating but I was able to say that and I think I will get some help next week.
March 16 – I am going to be honest. This day sucked. I don’t even feel like trying to find something good. I am a small person and I just can’t do it.
March 17 – Coffee with a friend.
March 18 – Books-A-Million.
March 19 – Good friends and pizza and wine. Also I taught my three-year-old neighbor about the concept of “afterparty.” Oh, yes.
March 20 – I didn’t feel well, but we still did some nice things. I ran in a race and we went to a party (plus ANOTHER afterparty, oh yes).
March 21 – I napped while basketball was on. Which was lovely.
March 22 – I made two pots and one bowl in my pottery class.
March 23 – I hung out with Melissa and Emily and taught them how to renew books online. (Okay, Melissa already knew how. So she doesn’t yell at me. I just taught Emily how.)
March 24 – I got to help a 6th grade class make art all day. And Mike came home from his field trip (he’d been gone two nights).
March 25 – Mike made a particularly fantastic dinner and we got to watch some exciting basketball.
March 26 – Had a productive teacher workday and then went out for a glass of wine with my aunt.
March 27 – Mike and I had a particularly nice day at the zoo and then ran a lot of errands. And had fantastic fajitas for dinner.
March 28 – I cleaned the house so then I could sit down and get other things done without feeling guilty.
March 29 – I learned something new in my pottery class and put my pots in to be fired.
March 30 – I took Ginny to see Crazy Heart for her birthday and it was good and also we ate cookies.
March 31 – Amazing Mexican food with Dawn once we finally finally finally got to DC.

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