I can’t criticize what I don’t understand. If you want to call this art, you’ve got the benefit of all my doubts.

(Title quote from Northern Exposure.)

A few years ago, Mike and I had a weekend in Asheville. We had planned on going to the Biltmore, but ended up just hanging out in the downtown area, shopping and visiting some art galleries. Now, when it comes to art, Mike and I will be the first to admit that we are not the most knowledgeable individuals. I wouldn’t say we’re Philistines, though. Except maybe when it comes to modern art. When we went to the MOMA last fall, there was an unfortunate giggling incident when it came to some artwork that featured a dead rabbit. (That’s not our photo. And I can’t find what that art is called. But you see the dead rabbit there, right? Big Bunny was most seriously displeased.) Sometimes modern art is just a little bit too much for us.

When we were in Asheville, one of the pieces of art that we found particularly memorable was a birdcage filled with paper airplanes. Now, I know it’s terrible to say, “I could make that myself,” but, y’all. I could totally fill a birdcage with paper airplanes. It might not have meaning or purpose, but I could do it. Ever since then, every time we have seen a birdcage for sale or at someone’s house, Mike has leaned over and said, “That would look better if it had some paper airplanes in it.” Let’s just say we had an unfortunate giggling incident that day as well. (This is why we cannot go to nice places or have nice things. We are terrible disrespectful people who don’t understand art.)

We have some new shelves in our kitchen, and I have been trying to find things to fill them. I went to Marshall’s and bought a little lantern that I thought would look nice. Mike also liked it, but he pointed out that it would be better (and more like art) if I took the glass out and filled it with paper airplanes.

So on Saturday, I did.

paper airplanes

If you are interested in my lantern/airplane art, I would be happy to discuss pricing with you. Please keep in mind, though, that something this meaningful would be worth every penny.

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