Watch this happen.

When I found out about the Around Downtown in 80 Minutes competition that Triad Stage was putting on, I immediately asked Mike to compete with me. He declined. Politely, of course, saying that he’d do it if I couldn’t find someone else. So I called Alisa, who agreed right away. With Scott and Brandi’s help, we decided to name our team after a favorite wedding-related anecdote, WATCH THIS HAPPEN. Alisa made a nifty Google map and I made t-shirts, and we were ready!


It worked essentially like you’d expect – we had to race to destinations and get our “passport” stamped. At a few locations, we did have to answer trivia questions, but there were no tasks. Alisa and I did not come anywhere close to winning, but that is okay. Because before the race started, we saw the Fox 8 guys standing around, and we asked them if they were going to follow a team. They said yes, and we convinced them to follow us! So we got the real Amazing Race experience (except that we felt bad about talking so much about The Amazing Race because it’s on another network. Also I kept talking about Michael Scott. Still the wrong network, nitwit. Finally we remembered to talk about Glee). We even tried to hit all the Amazing Race cliches: we called each other “baby” and discussed whether it was God’s will for us to win. (I guess he was busy with other things.)


(The video works for me but sometimes I have to refresh the page first. So try that OR you can just click here to watch it.)

Here we are afterwards with our cameramen. Special thanks to them for editing out the part where we climbed the back hill to the Blandwood Mansion in the dark when the clue was, you know, at the front. As we were doing that, I thought, “Here’s where we get the dumb girl edit.” But, no. They were lovely. And we definitely owe them beer for making them run so much.

Sometimes nice, fun things just happen. I am usually the person who would watch the cameraman choose someone else, so I am thankful to have a friend like Alisa, who gives me the courage to try new things and be bold. I am so happy that we spoke up! We could not have had more fun than we did, and we would do it again, even without cameramen. Many thanks to Triad Stage for hosting such a great event. Mike and I went and saw the play a few weeks ago, and it’s very funny. I would recommend that you go see it, but I believe they said last night that they are all sold out except for the weekend matinees today and tomorrow. (I am not sure what they said – I was too busy getting my microphone put on. hee hee hee.)

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